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How to Get More Clients to Say “I Do” To Your Wedding Business

If there’s one thing that professionals in the wedding industry know, it’s this: new clients are always needed. Since return clients aren’t as much of a thing in this industry, finding innovative ways to build brand awareness and capture new business is a must-have skill.

If you’re a wedding planner, photographer, florist, caterer or decorator, here are 4 tips to attract new clients to your wedding business so you can stay booked and busy year-round.

Tip #1: Niche Down

Setting yourself apart in such a competitive industry is the key to finding ideal clients who you love working with. Find your niche and stick to it.

A photographer who specializes in weddings is likely to be overlooked amid a sea of other contenders. But a wedding photographer who specializes in black & white photos for millennial couples who want a classic, fairytale-like wedding is much more specific – and more likely to connect with clients with those particular needs.

Tip #2: Network

Networking is a key skill everyone in the wedding industry should cultivate. Find communities – both online and in-person – where you can connect and meet with others in your niche and industry.

Oftentimes, a planner may have a go-to list of other service providers they rely on as well as backup providers. Or, if you’re a planner, it’s great to network with photographers, florists and other vendors typically needed for a wedding.

Make this a part of your weekly outreach and you’ll find consistent leads are always in your inbox.

Tip #3: Go Digital

The pandemic taught us a few things, but one of them is clear: those in the wedding industry must have a digital presence.

Find out where your ideal clients are looking for wedding inspiration and recommendations online and create a consistent marketing strategy to meet those potential clients where they are – whether that’s Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, or on your website.

Tip #4: Follow Up & Ask for Referrals

This may seem simple but following up and asking for referrals is truly the backbone of any business. If you’ve had previous clients who loved your services, ask them if they know anyone who’s getting married and see if they’re willing to pass along your information.

For potential clients, if you’ve had any go ghost or rogue on you, do your due diligence and follow up. The wedding planning process can be overwhelming and following up can make all the difference.

Master these four ways consistently and you’ll never struggle with finding clients who want to say “I do” to working with you. Here’s a bonus tip: earn a certificate that you can proudly include in your marketing collateral so you can boost your credibility and authority.

You can do exactly that inside the Wedding Planning Institute. With hands-on workshops and online certification classes, you’ll get the education, certification and even letters of recommendation so you can set yourself apart from the competition as the wedding industry professional you are.


Get certified as a professional wedding planner and let your ideal clients feel at ease knowing you have the knowledge to make their big day a smashing success. Why not try doing it all ver the world? Come to our FREE Destination Wedding Planning workshop to find out more.


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