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Societygal was founded as an advocate and voice for women. As a professional organization and catalyst for freelancers, it allows us to sponsor and support educational programs that empower women to have more opportunities and choices to become independent members of society.

Societygal is designed for women around the world with an emphasis on developing leadership skills through training, networking, and community outreach programs. We are dedicated to helping build strong female empowerment through education, career development, philanthropy, and mentorship opportunities.

We Believe…


  • Every female, girl, gal, woman is unique and deserves to live safe, fearless, and free.

  • Women of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses should have equal access to education and opportunity.

Every woman is unique. And women make different decisions when they have education and opportunity, and we believe all women should have equal access to both.

Societygal is much more than just a community for your business. We're an active and supportive community shaped by the shared passion and vision of entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide.

We support UN Women: the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, namely SDG 5 as part of the 17  Sustainable Development Goals.

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