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6 Lucrative Freelancer Jobs You Never Knew Existed in the Wedding Industry

Updated: May 12, 2022

With 2022 unfolding as the biggest wedding season we’ve seen in decades, all we can say is, “Cheers to new beginnings and new opportunities!” Long gone are the days when couples only hire wedding planners, florists, designers, and caterers to create their magical day.

Today, couples are two-stepping in sync in viral TikTok dance videos, hiring professional guests to partake in their lavish events, curating unforgettable experiences, and preserving memorable keepsakes while keeping a close eye on their finances and budget.

And all those “wow” moments require skilled professionals working jobs you never even imagined existed in the wedding industry. Let’s explore six niche ways to use your skills to enjoy a fulfilling (and well-paid) career in the wedding industry.

Job #1: Social Media Assistant

Can you pull out all the bells and whistles to create viral TikTok videos or snap all the right angles of the bridal party for a memorable Instagram post? Are you a guru when it comes to coming up with wedding hashtags?

Consider becoming a for-hire social media strategist who specializes in capturing and posting creative and engaging social media content for couples.

Job #2: Professional Wedding Guest

We all know the guest list is one of the most important (and stressful) parts of a wedding. And this stress has created a unique job in the wedding and events sector – professional wedding guests.

While this may seem odd, it’s all about filling a need for couples who want to stage a massive and elaborate wedding. However, they don’t have enough family and friends to do so. Professional wedding guests are a growing trend, especially in places like Japan, where agencies specialize in providing this service to couples.

Job #3: Couples’ Contract Specialist

Have a law degree? Use it to help couples negotiate contract terms with vendors.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, couples would love to hire contract specialists who can ensure vendor contracts include clauses that prevent them from losing their deposits and payments if they have to cancel due to a COVID outbreak.

Job #4: Flower Preservation Artist

Have a knack for preserving wedding flowers? Couples are always looking for ways to create a floral keepsake so they always have a memorable piece of their wedding day. And you can fill that need by becoming a flower preservation artist who transforms their wedding flowers into creative, unique keepsakes.

Job #5: Financial Planner

Love all things budgeting, financial planning and accounting? Offer a service where you help couples understand the various vendors they’ll need to create their magical day, map out their wedding costs, develop wedding budgets and plan how to pay for their magical day.

Job #6: Bridesmaid for Hire

While the bride and their planner handle the intricate wedding details, the bride rarely has someone who knows the wedding industry inside and out and can cater solely to their needs. And that’s where a bridesmaid for hire comes in to save the day.

Whether called on to assist with planning, problem-solving, putting together favors for weddings guests or even teaching first-time bridesmaids how to perform their duties, bridesmaids for hire help brides overcome wedding day challenges. And with bridesmaids for hire pulling in anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $2,000 per wedding, renting bridesmaids has become a burgeoning job.

This list of 6 jobs you didn’t know existed in the wedding industry shows you that your skills are valuable in the ever-changing wedding and events industry. Once you learn the ins and outs of the industry, there’s no limit to what you can achieve when you bring your skills to the table and use your expertise to serve the needs of couples.

And thanks to the hands-on instruction and accredited certifications offered inside Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute, you’ll get the valuable industry insight you need to curate your dream career in wedding and events.

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