Get it Done! A One Week Private Intensive to finally get whatever “it” is for you, checked off your list.


For powerhouse women who need:

 --to get something set up

 --have a breakthrough

 --create a plan

 --get it started

What has been holding you back from this next level?

>>> It could be a sales process, a launch, a new marketing plan,an idea you've been waiting to do.

I'll get you there!!


Have you started then stopped? Or are you afraid that it’s going to take you away from everything else you need to do so you keep waiting for the, “right time?”


This is a sort of bootcamp for you, to kick you into gear and hold you accountable and guide you along the way and fine tune what we’re working on day by day. We’ll get all the pieces planned, whatever you need, while helping you still maintain everything else you need to do.


We’ll accomplish what normally takes a month or more in just 1 week. 5 days of commitment from me, of private coaching, email access and Voxer (an awesome app that has voice messaging like a walky talky, text, sharing pics, docs, etc, 24/7) access...whatever it takes.


All of this concentrated time just on you would normally cost thousands of dollars. I’m committed to doing my part to jumpstart you with this focused time and expertise for 


$497 or 2 pmts of $265. 


For Societygal Making Moves Summit attendees you get a FAST ACTION PRICING of 


$347 or 2 pmts of $185!!! ( rate xpires in 24hrs )


This is just the kind of personalized access you’re looking for!! 


Millionaire Brand Mastery

Millionaire Brand Mastery shows you how to launch your own personal or business brand for a new or existing business, that converts your market into raving customers. Over the course of seven weeks, this program also teaches you how to scale rapidly—using strategies the most successful brands use.



  • To wake up to the news that BossBabe have featured you on their Instagram feed...

  • To have a hot bed of new enquiries filling up your DMs everyday...

  • To grow your account with ideal targeted followers who love what you do and who religiously share your content...

  • To not spend hours a day commenting and engaging on posts because your content speaks volumes...

  • To cultivate an audience of raving fans who sell your products and services for you..




You’ve been feeling the impact of the shift we’ve been in, but I have

a question for you, friend?


Now isn’t the time to panic, even though everything around us tells us we should be. Instead, it’s time to pivot and reposition yourself for massive exposure, growth and success, and I’ve got the solution to help you to do just that and SO MUCH MORE! It’s time to uncover

and unleash the power in your story, so you can share your brilliant message with the world, leveraging the power of video storytelling

and media.



The Message + Media Mastery Masterclass During This Masterclass, You’ll Discover:  My proven 6-part framework that my private clients use to position themselves to land major media attention and features, allowing them to share their story and message on larger stages  How to get clear on what your story is, and craft an irresistible message that your audience and media outlets crave  Branding secrets that positions you in a category of ONE; making you the obvious choice in the marketplace  The key to leveraging video to build a strong content library that elevates your personal brand; taking you from invisible to influentially profitable  How to build your powerhouse media brand, develop relationships with media partners, and secure sponsorships for your own television show  AND, how to do this all without sacrificing your voice, authenticity, or feeling like an imposter

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