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Six Ways to Find Success as a VA Specialist

If you’ve been thinking about throwing your hat in the ring and becoming your own boss, you’re probably curious about what career paths are available to you.

Whether you’re just starting out in the working world, coming from a corporate gig or something else entirely, there are so many different ways you can use your skills as a freelancer.

One increasingly popular and lucrative option is to market yourself as a Virtual Assistant (VA). People in these positions typically specialize in helping businesses with organization, but their duties can also include social media management, graphic design and even writing. Virtual assistants are the ad-hoc help businesses often need to fill in the gaps.

Here are 6 different specialties to consider if you want to work as a VA:

Niche #1: Social Media Manager

If you love staying on top of the latest social trends, religiously scroll on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, and love engaging with others, then look no further than a social media manager position. Virtual assistants with a penchant for social media can focus on managing channels for their clients.

Niche #2: Copywriter

Do you have a knack for writing attention-grabbing captions or irresistible email subject lines? Specializing in copywriting as a virtual assistant is a profitable skill that’ll make you invaluable to your client.

Niche #3: Graphic Artist

Love the visual arts? Consider Canva your playground? Then you might want to specialize in graphic design. You can help clients create eye-catching visuals for social, design their freebies or even help out with course creation.

Niche #4: Online Business Manager

If you excel at operations and are a stickler for details, then becoming an Online Business Manager is a great career upgrade for VAs. You’ll be in charge of running your client’s day-to-day operations where they’ll trust you to run point so they can stay in their zone of genius.

Niche #5: Project Manager

Do you love seeing things through from start to finish? Watching an idea come to life and putting the final touches on a project? Then project management might be your specialty. Project manager VAs specialize in managing an entire project from inception to completion and require keen organization and follow-up skills.

Niche #6: Pinterest Manager

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the top search engines in the world? Yup, this social media platform is technically a visual search engine, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for those who love to pin boards, create engaging graphics and swoon over aesthetics to work as a Pinterest manager for their clients.

In other words, becoming a virtual assistant doesn’t mean you’re limited to organizing and scheduling. Marketing yourself as one of the above specialists and niching down can be incredibly profitable for your business.


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