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How to Book More Clients ASAP: Five Proven Strategies

Sometimes the hardest part about being a freelancer is finding clients.

The real truth? Finding clients isn’t difficult. Finding clients that you absolutely love serving and who have the exact problems you help solve is another story.

While you can certainly keep cold pitching your ideal clients, there are actually better ways to find them and connect.

We’ll share those in a moment, but before we do, remember this: Do as much research as you can about your ideal client for best results. Where do they hang out online?

What platforms do they use? Where do they spend their time in real life? Then, make an effort to meet them where they are.

Here are a few options to consider when working to build your client roster:

List in Freelancer Directories

Freelancer directories are a great place to advertise and list your business since many entrepreneurs reference these when looking for hired help. Niching down is key here when you submit your entry.

It will help your ideal clients find you faster. For instance, boutique owners looking to revamp their online shop are way more likely to hire “e-commerce website graphic design expert” than just “graphic designer.”

Join Business Memberships

A great way to find clients is to join business memberships. If they’re paid memberships, you’ll often find a higher quality clientele since they’re investing their hard-earned money here. Often, these memberships have community forums where you can network.

While you’re not able to directly promote your services in many of these, you can still show up for potential clients by giving advice and posting strategically.

Connect in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a goldmine when it comes to finding more clients. Make sure your introductory posts clearly state who you are and who you help so you can attract your ideal customers.

Then, spend time making genuine connections and offering your expertise within the group – this kind of organic marketing strategy goes a long way!

Expand Your Networking Efforts

There’s a reason why the saying, “your network is your net worth,” is so often repeated. In the freelance world, word of mouth and knowing the right people can be an easy way to book more clients.

Schedule coffee chats, attend networking events online and in person, and ask previous clients or business colleagues to introduce you to other people.

Get Visible!

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We help you showcase yourself, your skills, and the clients you are looking for right here on the Societygal Website!


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Chris Stuhlsatz
Chris Stuhlsatz
Aug 03, 2023

I loved this article. I will definitely revisit it in the future. 😀

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