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7 Highly Effective Copywriting Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The key to building a profitable business is to attract a steady stream of clients. But to capture their attention, you need messaging that stands out and reels them in. Great copywriting is the most effective way to do that.

With the right copywriting tactics and strategies, you can take potential and existing clients on an emotional journey that ultimately positions your business as the solution to their problems.

Whether you’re a word whiz or not, copywriting is an essential business-building skill for entrepreneurs. Here are 7 basic, yet highly effective copywriting strategies to master if you want to craft messaging that drives engagement and sales.

#1: Know the difference between features and benefits

One of the most powerful copywriting strategies is to communicate how your product or service will transform your client’s life – not just what it does.

For example, a weight loss pill might suppress your appetite using a specially formulated blend of herbs. That’s a feature. But the real benefit for customers is that it’s a confidence booster that helps you show up and tackle the day.

Think about your product’s emotional benefits and weave these points into your copy instead of just explaining what it does or includes.

#2: Share success stories

If you’ve ever found yourself clicking to purchase after reading a success story, then you’ve discovered the power of storytelling.

Sharing personal and relatable stories within your messaging is a high-impact way to connect to your audience and let them know you understand where they are.

Look for stories that relate to how you solve your customer’s problems and use those stories in your copywriting to make it more persuasive.

#3: Use data to enhance credibility

When it comes to communicating with your audience, building your know, like and trust factor is key. You can build trust and enhance your credibility by using data to support your messaging.

According to a study by Vennli, 89% of advertising agencies that closed more than half of their pitches used research and data to get the job done. Using statistics and data in your copywriting can improve the likelihood customers will trust you and therefore buy from you.

#4: Tap into urgency

There’s nothing like knowing something is limited-edition, low-in-stock or one-of-a-kind that makes customers run to whip out their credit cards.

That’s the power of the fear of missing out (FOMO) and urgency in copywriting. It persuades and motivates customers to take action NOW rather than later.

You can use countdown timers, show how much of a product is left and use “limited time only” language to entice readers to buy now, but be sure to only use this tactic when there truly is a sense of urgency to maintain trust.

#5: Lean into emotions

Although many of us may not consciously realize it, most of our purchasing decisions are deeply associated with emotion. For example, luxury brands do a great job of capitalizing on emotion with messaging that targets buyers who want to feel as though they’ve made it once they buy an item or service.

Tap into your customers’ pain points and greatest desires to hook them in, but then use logic to help them justify making the purchase.

Remember the features vs. benefits point from earlier? Here is where features come into play. For example, you may initially want to buy an iPhone because it’s been marketed as a luxury phone with exclusive and premium designs, but the high-tech camera, cross-device workflow and first-to-market app releases – the features – are what logically help to justify the purchase.

#6: Cultivate an air of exclusivity

In line with urgency, exclusivity within copywriting taps into your customers’ desire to feel unique.

Even if your product isn’t exclusive, you can promote specific features that are. Consider using phrases such as “special bonus,” “limited-edition” or “limited-time offer” to convey a sense of exclusivity.

#7: Include a strong call to action

After you’ve told a persuasive story, connected with your clients’ emotions and described the benefits and features, the most important tactic is to prompt your customers to take action by asking them to buy.


Your words have the power to influence and change your customers’ lives.

Discover how to master these strategies and effortlessly implement them in your business by joining us for a FREE workshop where we dive deep into the attention-grabbing copywriting strategies that professional copywriters use to generate millions of dollars for their clients.


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