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Societygal takes the pain and frustration out of getting work auto-magically matching outsourced work with professional freelancers.


Our application uses Ai and a scale of compatibility to match qualified skills with the right tasks and projects. Avoiding the pain of recruiting, interviewing, or trial and error results, associated with current outsourcing options.

As a simply submit your requests with the specific details, including deliverables and due date, then check out.

You get matched results quickly so you can either choose your top match and go about your day...or take the time to review several matches and choose the one you want.

Then sit back and relax, while your work gets completed by a professional with the skills specifically matched to your project.


The freelancer simply gets a notification they have a new project or task and logs in to get the details and complete the work.

Once the deliverables are uploaded and accepted by the client, the collected funds are released to the freelancer, who can transfer the funds to their bank or trade and barter with GalCoin for other services within the app.

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