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How to Find New Friends as an Adult

It’s Saturday night, your hair is a wild mess, you have crumbs from your most recent snack on your shirt, and you’re typing, “How can women make new friends?” in the search bar. Yeah, we’ve been there too.

Making new friends as an adult can be challenging, but rest assured—it is definitely possible. For the most part, you’ll need to go where people gather, ideally in a group with shared interests, and it doesn’t hurt if it’s a large group that meets regularly.

Yes, you’ll probably have to make eye-contact and talk to people. There’s some bravery involved (and some potential discomfort for you introverts), but you can do this! Making an effort is the key. We’ve got a few ideas for finding your new gal pals.

One of the easiest ways to meet new people is to join a club or group that shares your interests. This could be a sports team, a hobby group, a book club, church, or any other type of organization where people gather. Friendships often form through shared activities.

Another option is to take a class or workshop in something that you are interested in. This can be a great way to meet people who have similar interests and to learn something new at the same time.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make a positive impact on your community. By volunteering your time and skills, you can meet people who share similar values and make meaningful connections.

If you’re the mingling type, attending social events, such as parties, festivals, or other community events, can also be a good way to meet new people. If your intention is to make new friends, this is no time to be a wall-flower. Make an effort to meet people to see if you have common interests or shared connections.

Social media can also be a useful tool for making new friends too. You can join groups and communities on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Meetup to connect with people who share your interests or who live in your area. Many friendships and relationships have started by way of social media, so it is possible.

Whatever you choose, there’s no need to force a connection. Instead, let things play out naturally with a variety of people. Start simple, with a question or compliment.

True, it’s trickier to make friends as adults than it was when we were kids. With a bit of effort, patience, and the right approach, you can find new people to spend time with. It may not happen immediately, but be proactive and put yourself out there! If you'd like to find a group of women who support you and can easily become your friends. Join our networking calls every Monday and Wednesday to meet new women.


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