What you need to stay active: Fashion and friends

How many times have we decided to stay home and watch Netflix instead of going to the gym? How many times have we said “diet starts tomorrow” while stuffing ourselves with junk food? We’ve all been there before.


We just can’t find the motivation to go get active, to start something and to stay doing it. We have here the best way to solve it: Fashion and Friends.

No one can deny: Having a great work out outfit makes you feel good, confident and brave. Granted, it is not the only place your confidence should stem from, but it’s a start. Having a great pair of leggings or sports bra that not only looks good but also provides the support you need for your exercises will do wonders for your lifestyle. Great outfits are a conversation starter, especially when the brand represents values that aligns with yours.

If you’re all for women empowerment, taking charge of your life and showing your body some love through active living, then what better brand to represent you than Body Love Athletica www.bodyloveathletica.com 

Once you’ve got your outfits lined up. It’s time to find go out and find some friends who can motivate you to live healthily and stay the course. LA is home to so many creative work out classes that are looming with health conscious, active living people. Going to these classes can make your work-outs seem like a day out instead of a chore. Here are some of the classes we recommend:

  1. Rise Nation: recently featured in the Buzzfeed video, this workout is intense, utilizing your full body to vertically climb off the machines. In the end, you’ll be sweating your problem away.
  2. The Studio (MDR): this endurance training routine on the Megaformer will take you through cycles of resistance and contraction. It targets your abs, arms, backside and legs, making it stronger and leaner.
  3. HIIT: High intensity interval training. It is as intense as it sounds. But worry not, after all that short burst of activity to get you sweating, you’ll be thankful for this workout. It tones your muscles and strengthen your heart. And after all, who doesn’t love a versatile routine you can perform at the gym or with your friends anywhere else.
  4. Orangetheory Fitness offers you a 60-minute workout session. An entire body workout in just an hour focusing on cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn.

When you find a community of people who can support you in your new lifestyle, you’ll surely be more motivated to continue. Remember, you can take charge of your life and show your body some love. Make the change now, go grab an amazing new outfit and find a workout routine with the best people you like.

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Leora Kashani


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