Tips To Do Before Becoming Self Employed

Are you ready to cut the ties and move onto your passions of becoming a business owner? If you’re answer is yes, first things first, congratulations! Us #Societygals are glad that you are joining the club and are taking the steps to becoming your most thriving self.


Before you take it full swing and invest every ounce of umph you got, take a step back and recollect your thoughts. Take a deep breath. There are a few tasks that must be taken care of to avoid any damage or sickness in the future due to being unprepared – and that is something that you do not want, and we do not want for you, trust us. Leaving the comfort zone of your full-time job is nerve racking enough, SO, to calm the pressure, here are a few tips for you new #Societygals.


Try Out Your Hustle On The Side

As you may have it already in your head that you are ready to risk it all for your striving passions of being your own boss, take a step back and review the process slowly. Being careful with risky situations never hurts, and no I’m not saying don’t take risks because hell, we are all girl bosses here. Rather, recollect your thoughts and make sure you are doing the right thing for yourself. Take on a couple freelance jobs on the side, look for a mentor, and research, research, research (well I guess you are working on this step already if you’re reading this *pat on the back).  Make sure that you can handle a bit of it with your plate full already and it is something you still are passionate about, then, you can proceed to the next step before stepping on the pedal.


Create A Budget

What I really mean by this is, well, save your pennies. This is essentially flipping the page to a whole new chapter in your life and it’s not a cheap one. Saving everything you get and creating a budget of what you are willing to spend (and can afford) will ensure that you will not be damaged if something were to go wrong. Come on, you’re an adult, this shouldn’t be new!

Adjust A Comfort Level

As this is going to be a new chapter with new experiences and new adjustments, work your way to feeling comfortable. You will start with a low income and it is a big step to feel content with that. If you start out money hungry and panicking for that high income you strive for, your business will not go where you want it to. Take it slow and do what you can to make things right. Making a brand/company that is genuine and comfortable will herd the followers to your mission and gain the success you dreamt of in the beginning of it all.


Work, Work, Work

Do you think working from home or being self-employed is less work because you can do whatever you want when you need to and your way? Think again. Be prepared to work more than you expect at hours that you might not be used to. Having ideas and access to everything in the business around you all the time will puss your determination more than you can imagine. Even though working often will better the path to the business you strive for, always remember that taking things slow will ensure you that success that you want initially and to get there will take time, lots of work time.


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