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So Instagram took a page out of Queen Bey’s book and slapped everyone with a new feature that’s very, very (actually pretty much verbatim) similar to Snapchat. Talk about reinventing yourself! While some are completely confused, a lot of people are loving it, including me!

If you haven’t noticed yet there are little circles at the top of your feed that are the “stories” of the people you follow, and you can go from story to story much like you can on Snapchat. In pure social media fashion, everyone has hopped on the bandwagon and started creating stories, like it didn’t just pop into existence less than 24 hours ago.

While the new feature is in close resemblance to Snapchat, there are some slight differences:

●  You can swipe left to go to the next story and right to go the previous. With Snapchat you can only swipe left.

●  If you want to back and forth within the same story you can by tap on the left and right side of the screen.

●  There are filters but not the cute little doggy face or the infamous flower crown. no more magically flawless skin!

●  You now have a choice of thickness when using the writing tool, and there’s even a writing option that has an outer glow!Now that you know the differences, here’s why I love these Insta Stories and why you will too!


With all these new social media platforms popping up everywhere, giving Instagram a Snapchat­ish feature is perfect! Combining the two most popular visual platforms, GENIUS! It’s nice to have it all in one spot especially if those are two platforms you use frequently.


What’s better is now you don’t have to go search for and follow all your favorite Instagramers on another platform because they’re already here. Now you can enjoy their day­to­day without having to go to yet another app on your phone.


As a Designer, I’m big on how the things look aesthetically, and I love how Insta Stories was integrated in Instagram’s clean interface. It’s subtle and doesn’t take away from your feed. If they had done it any other way, I think it would’ve taken away from the simplicity of the platform.

Overall, this new feature might be the next best thing after the launch of Pokemon GO! I’m interested to see how it’s going to evolve as people continue to use and experiment with it. One point for you Insta! Snapchat…your turn!

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