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Societygal feature with Amber-Lee Lyons (The Chakra Girl)

Today we are featuring the beautiful Amber-Lee Lyons. She is your go-to Chakra Girl and Spiritual BFF who keeps things zen while supporting you in living your #bestlife. She's the founder and CEO of The Chakra Girl Co a platform for the modern, spiritual woman who sometimes puts vodka in her green juice. #BALANCE. Amber-Lee dishes everything from manifesting a new handbag to using healing crystal vibes to bringing abundance into your life.

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Societygal feature with Brittany Reid.

Brittany Reid is a soulful online expert and ceremony facilitator. With a background in nutrition and business Brittany's goal is to teach women who have mastered the mindset and strategy of running an online business to turn inward and connect their business and life together through sacred tools and soul work. Helping them create a purposeful connection with themselves so they can SERVE deeper and scale to their next goal. She helps women escape from hustle and grind focusing on freedom and flow within their business.

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