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How to Develop Your Brand Aesthetic

“Aesthetic” is the buzzword of the moment. And for good reason. We live in an Instagrammable world, where we are all searching for that perfect shot. We are constantly on the lookout for beautiful things, and in turn the physical world around us is also becoming more beautiful.  Think about it: restaurants have upped their decor game, stores have Instagrammable “moments,” even businesses are hiring mural artists to transform their dull exterior brick walls into works of art.

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Societygal feature with Meredith Uyeyama (owner of Quixotic Design Co.)

Meredith is the Director of Design and Owner of a small design agency - Quixotic Design Co. (which is the company that did the rebranding for Societygal!) Meredith combines her artistic and technical skills to work one-on-one with clients. She leads by design, guiding her team to construct captivating brand experiences that stand out above the rest.

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