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How to Choose A Niche: Top Tips for Influencers

Finding the right niche is a crucial part of building a blog and establishing yourself online. If you pick a niche with too much competition, your blog will get overlooked. If you pick a smaller niche with no demand, your blog will barely make an impact. You need to find a niche that’s competitive enough to know people are taking interest in it, but rare enough to stand out and get “known” for your niche.

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How to Edit Your Photos Like an Influencer

One of the best ways to help your Instagram stand out is by not only having creative photos, but more importantly, keeping a cohesive feed. When creating your own “brand,” it’s super important to create your own aesthetic and stick with it. One of the main ways this can be done is through editing! A good edit can seriously change a photo, and its entire aesthetic. By taking the time to create your own personal edit, your photos will be more likely to stand out and reach a wider audience.

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Societygal feature with Monica Woodhams

Monica works with influencers and business owners launch and grow their business in the digital and podcast space. Giving them exposure to new audiences beyond social media. She helps her clients gain exposure to new audiences by sharing their stories through podcasting, unveiling the raw stories that go beyond the Instagram filters.

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