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The Three Biggest Myths About Starting and Running Your Own Business

Hi hi, I am Jackie, the Founder & CEO of Nearly Newlywed, the global destination to discover & shop the best of new and preowned bridal. I am also a writer, startup advisor and avid supporter of emerging and fun fashion. Since turning 35 and becoming a mother I have been trying to share more of myself and my experience with other women in hopes it can be useful and to also hopefully help debunk some of the myths about starting and running a business, and also often life in general.

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How to Develop Your Brand Aesthetic

“Aesthetic” is the buzzword of the moment. And for good reason. We live in an Instagrammable world, where we are all searching for that perfect shot. We are constantly on the lookout for beautiful things, and in turn the physical world around us is also becoming more beautiful.  Think about it: restaurants have upped their decor game, stores have Instagrammable “moments,” even businesses are hiring mural artists to transform their dull exterior brick walls into works of art.

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Babes Who Are In Sync

Avoid stress and burn out by syncing with your cycle. Yes babes! We are talking about that time of the month. You’ve landed here for a reason. You’ve heard the call. There are so many things in our life that cause us stress or contribute to burning out when we don’t fully understand the power of our cycle and living within hormonal harmony.

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