Setting Yourself Apart in a Crowded Industry | Emmy Lowe Photo

Emmy is a wedding and fashion photographer bases in Salt Lake City, Utah! Her love of photography has grown her social media platforms through the roof and I’m sure you have all stumbled upon her Instagram. With such a crowded industry and many photographer, bloggers, and other creatives on Instagram, Emmy is here to give us her top 3 ways to set yourself apart from others!


I’ve owned Emmy Lowe Photo for about 4 years now, and during that time I built a consistent pattern of how I utilized my marketing or social media for a more specific example. When I began it was very important to me that anything I did or posted was real and was applicable to what I was currently doing in my business.

As I started to specialize more in my area I was shooting, I was very specific about only posting the content that was related to that style or type of photography. I was getting more and more into shooting fashion, whether it was bloggers, commercial or anything along those lines, so a lot of my content was the bloggers I was shooting or the fashion jobs that were related. One thing I have always done is weddings and shooting couples and during that time I have been able to create more of a brand that is supported on love and intimate photos. I always have loved those moments where no one exists in the world but you and your person and so being able to capture that was beyond anything else I could have wanted. Those are the images I often find myself sharing and doing well because they truly have a consistent style with my brand.

The second thing that I think has helped set me apart is making a genuine following based off of not just your photographs but the way you conduct your business and sharing a little bit of your personal life. I do a lot of snapchat and periscope and they have been vital for my Instagram as well, because I’ve been able to expose a little bit more of my personal life and show everyone what my personal life looks like.I think by showing your other side of your life it makes people feel like they have a connection with you and they want to continue to follow and see what that day to day is like.

The third thing that I think has been so important is just being consistent. I have often noticed that even if you think you are being obnoxious or posting to much, so many people barely even notice you post at all. With the new algorithms it has created a gap in what everyone else sees so it is even more important now to post a consistent about of times a day to give more opportunities for your content to be seen throughout the day by different people. I think once you get past feeling like you are being annoying and realizing that you are truly just doing your job it makes you feel so much better and confident about the content you are showing to your potential clients.

Although all these things are so important, I think that it’s also important to realize that having a ton of followers isn’t all that is out there. You want to create beautiful content and make it look cohesive and really focus on engaging the audience you have at that time, but also realize that the most important thing is being genuine and true to yourself. No one can take that away from you.

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