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One of the most exciting parts about becoming a Fashion Blogger, is the relationships you begin to develop with brands as an Influencer. Now more than ever, the options are endless – from locally owned brands and boutiques, to fashion houses across the globe, bloggers are becoming the new ‘IT’ girls.

So where do you start? With all of the bloggers and brands out there, it can be a little intimidating! Don’t worry, I got you babe! After stumbling through my first few brand partnerships, I have worked out a lot of the kinks when it comes to what works (and what doesn’t) – so read on for my top 5 tips for securing and executing a successful sponsorship:

Tip 1. |  Don’t Be Shy! First off, create a target list. Is there a brand you are particularly fond of? Scour the company contact page for the person in charge of influencer programs – or who handles the press, then reach out and e-troduce yourself. Be specific about who you are, what sets you apart, and most importantly – why your audience is the perfect fit for their brand.

Tip 2. |  Tag, Tag, Tag! It helps if you actually wear a brand already, because it makes the partnership much more authentic. Tag them in your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts so their social team see’s your feed. If there are unique hashtags, be sure to use them. This is often how the market staff finds new content to post on the brands official Instagram account, and is a great way to garner a brands attention.

Tip 3. |  Join a social network. Affiliate programs like RewardStyle, Shopstyle Collective and Bloglovin’ Activate are key players in helping bloggers get in touch with, and secure partnerships with brands. Several of these platforms also offer widgets and tools that let readers shop directly from your site, which is a great way to monetize your blog posts in the meantime.

Tip 4. | Time is Money. Don’t be shy when it comes to talking rates and numbers. You need to have a media kit on hand with your rates, demographics, reach and audience make-up so that the brand’s marketing team can see if you are a good fit. Limit the amount of ‘product/trade’ based partnerships as well, keep in mind that time is money, and the amount of time you spend writing a free post, is time you could be spending seeking paid sponsorships. That being said, if it is a brand you truly adore, go for it – do what feels right, remember its your business and you are the #girlboss!

Tip 5. |  Execution is Key > When you land a sponsored post – this should go without saying – but, be prompt when it comes to your deadlines and correspondence with the brand! Set e-mail notifications on your phone so you are able to keep a pulse on your business at all times! Social media never sleeps, and while it is good to have down time, it is important to go above and beyond when you are working with brands both in content and communication.

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Collaborated + Edited by: Hannah Stingel