Savannah Ashely | Artist


Savannah Ashley Corcoran is an Arizona local artist who loves all things beautiful! She created her etsy shop to be a place where she can project her passion and creativity making steer skulls, globes, a dream catchers. You can always catch her at every market, show, or any local artist event!

Tell us about the path that led you to where you are today.

I have always been creative since I was little & loved doing anything artistic! In college I stopped being artistic because of being so busy with school but I thought I wanted to be an art therapist or a marriage therapist. Once I graduated I did my first year of grad school in Marriage and Family Therapy, I realized that it wasn’t the career for me. My heart knew I needed to be doing something creative so I started creating again and it just took off! I didn’t realize what was happening before my eyes and two years later here I am!

How long have you known that you wanted to create art for your career?

When I got married I realized I wanted to be a stay at home mom while I had little ones until they went to school and I wanted to also be doing something I could stay at home and do. I started dreaming of what that could be and I never dreamed it would be pursuing my art but it just fell into my lap! I still don’t know if art will take me into another career but I’m excited for the journey!

What are the three most important qualities to maintain while being your own boss?

[1] Balance is really important to me but also really hard to maintain! Learning to balance between work, social life, time with my husband, and also time for myself. I am still learning how to do this but I think setting up certain boundaries helps.

[2] It’s important for me to keep learning new things & continuing to challenge myself in new ways with my art! I never want to become bored, I want to continue to grow as an artist!

[3] Lastly being my own boss I am learning to show myself grace. There is a big learning curve in running your own business with a lot of things that nobody teaches you. Learning to be kind to myself and knowing that I don’t have to have it all figured out right away!

Do you ever reject a project? and why?

I have rejected projects before when I have had too many things on my plate. I don’t like to commit to too many things or I don’t feel like I can produce my best work which is really important to me!

Brunch or Happy Hour? 

I love both! If I had to choose probably happy hour! I love the deals you get at happy hour plus who doesn’t like a drink after a long day with some yummy food?! One of my favorite places is Joyride for Taco Tuesday because of their delicious margaritas!

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