Quick Chat With the GirlBoss Herself

We caught up with Jenn, our founder + the gal we all should be thankful for, for a brief Q+A sesh because – it’s been a while.  Keep scrolling down to see what she had to say!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Well, I am originally from Salt Lake City – born + raised. I am 27 (soon to be 28, ah!). I grew up as an only child but when I was 19 my mom had my brother Mason ; 10 – and then my brother Arley ; 6 – a few years later. I love spending as much time with them as I can, they’re just so funny and they always make me laugh!

While in high school, I also attended cosmetology school as well as community college so I graduated with an associates degree and cosmetology license too. After that, I went to business school at University of Hawaii. For as long as I can remember I had been obsessed with the ocean, palm trees and the sun. So, Hawaii had always been a dream of mine and I turned it into a reality.

Once I finished school, I moved back to Utah + got my Masters in Medical Aesthetics – basically I learned how to use lasers and certain hair removal machines. The thing was, I could only pursue this career in the state of Utah. If I wanted to go elsewhere, I had to go back for more schooling.

Eventually I started my own makeup line and I really loved it! But it had to take a back seat for a while when I got sick (that’s a story for a different day!) because I couldn’t keep up with my health being in jeopardy.

I was bummed because I loved the community that came with it and meeting so many strong and inspiration women! To stay within the beauty industry I created an Instagram and beauty blog. I was surprised by how much it really took off! After 3 months of blogging I decided I needed to move to LA to advance my career + voilà – here I am! I think it was the right choice!

2. Making the move:
After blogging for 2 years I realized I loved the back-end of the business and the social media aspect more than anything else! After a quick revelation that people started needing/asking for my help so SocietyGal just seemed natural and it organically fell into place. (follow this link to hear the full story)

SocietyGal seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to have the two worlds I love come together as well as offer that one thing the creative industry was lacking.

3. In your free time what’s your favorite place to go or thing to do?:
I LOVE to check out out cool restaurants and coffee shops in LA. As you know there is always a new trendy place opening here so it’s really fun for me to see what they have to offer!

I am also really into weekend getaways. San Diego, Santa Barbara and Vegas are definitely my go-to spots. The best part about living in SoCal is you can get to any climate or a completely different scene in a matter of a few hours, so I like to take full advantage of that.

But honestly, in my free time I find myself just really taking time to relax and rejuvenate. Naturally I am a really anxious person so I like to counterbalance that as much as I can with a good yoga class or a trip to the day spa.

4. We all have one… who is your current girl crush right now?:
Stassi Schroeder! She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind or tell you how she really feels – even if it is a little brutal at times. She owns it and because of that attitude she’s become a great businesswoman! I also wouldn’t mind stealing her entire wardrobe. She recently got a new apartment and she shared some of it on her Instagram story- her home décor is to die for! She’s just all around #goals.

5. Do you have favorite emoji?:
The lightening bolt – I just feel like it can have so many different meanings! The watermelon is really cute too, just because.

6. Any words or phrases that you live by?:
Always come from a place with compassion and love, because you never know what someone else is going through.

7. How would you quantify success?
Honestly, to help as many people have the best life that they possibly can. That’s what I love about consulting/coaching so much. Teaching people to be in the control seat of their life and how that positive attitude can yield positive changes for them. As long as I can have an impact on someone else in a good way and keep evolving + growing as a person, then I’ll be happy with that.

8. You’re amazing at offering advice – what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I ever received is “it’s not my job (or your job) to take on someone else’s problems; and take them on completely”. I apply this to my every day in work and my personal life. You can encourage, support and offer advice, but you can’t internalize their issues or make them your own.

9. What’s your favorite food?:
Mexican, hands down, always + yes I know guac is extra.

10. Why do you go by Jennifer Jaden?

Well to be honest my last name is soooooo long and it can be annoying! It’s always the topic for 5 hours once I tell people my last name, ok ready? It’s B R A U N E R S R I T H E R—— try saying that one! So it’s easier on me + you to just go by Jennifer Jaden. haha!

Definitely check out Jennifer, she is always there to offer her favorite tips + tricks!

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