Johanna Mariel | Instagrammer & Blogger

Johanna picked up photography as a hobby in 2011. After years of experimenting, a lot of setbacks, and legitimate soul searching, she found Instagram. Instagram became her creative outlet to document her everyday adventures – coffee shops, restaurants, local trips, faraway places, fashion obsessions, people, things, walls. She eventually branched out with her own blog. When she isn’t wandering the streets of New York City or New Jersey, you can find her pursuing her other love, dance.

Tell us about the path that led you to where you are today.

I actually have a full-time job in human resources, but have always known I’m a creative at heart. Being creative is ultimately what makes me happy. After my mom passed from ALS three years ago, I realized life is too short and there is no sense in always putting your passions on hold. I decided I would take up my photography passion again on the side and see where it might lead. Once Instagram came out, it allowed me the freedom to expand and evolve my creativity.

How did you decide to become a professional photographer?

I consider myself a creative at heart. I love photography but don’t necessarily consider myself just a photographer. I evolve every day and I consider myself a photographer, a social media content creator, a social media influencer, a blogger – all of the above.

What are the three most important things to building your business?

(1) Knowing your audience

(2) Understanding what you bring to the table

(3) Always being true to who you are and never copying someone else

Do you ever reject a project? If so, why?

Yes. If the brand is not in line with my personal aesthetic, there is no need to say yes. There is power in saying “no,” and I think that’s inevitable if you want to be true to who you are.

When you’re out with friends, what is your camera of choice?

iPhone all the way. Apple girl here!

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. I’m lately loving cafe con leche more and more. My favorite place to get an authentic cafe con leche is Ultramarinos in Hoboken, New Jersey.