How To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo

Taking that elusive “perfect insta photo” may seam daunting, or even impossible, but there are some easy tricks to help you create a seemingly perfect picture, every time. Below are some pointers that will help you plan and perfect that awesome shot, and share it for the world to see!

1. | If you’re trying to show off some swag or perhaps your morning cup o’ joe, you’ve probably realized the importance of a great backdrop. But how do you achieve that if your backdrop options are less than ideal? Maybe you love the look of marble, but heaven forbid you buy a marble countertop to get that desired look! An easy trick is to use marble paper! Yes, that’s a thing. Go to any craft or arts supply store and you can find specialty paper of all varieties. Marble, wood, patterns, and textures… There’s a little bit of everything and it’s so inexpensive. Next time you’re out, go by and grab a few varieties to help make your images pop!

2. | We all know content is key, so how do you go about deciding what to capture? Remember that your Instagram feed is all about your style and your personality. Don’t go trying to copy someone else’s look, but it’s okay to scroll through other accounts for inspiration. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to emulate another person’s look, but resist the urge and develop your own unique style. A great way to do this is to create a style board as a reference tool. Choose the colors, key objects, topics, and pictures that best express what you want to do with your feed, then use that to meter whether or not an image should be posted. If it doesn’t fit with your “look,” then try again until it meshes well with your theme.

3. | When it comes to capturing great images, it’s all about lighting. No one wants to look at a grainy, dimly lit, poorly shadowed collection of objects. (You can do a dark and moody image, sure, but lighting still plays a key role in how that image turns out). Make sure when you take your next photo that you examine where your light is coming from. Most indoor lights cast a yellow haze and will make your images look less appealing. Natural light is always the best if you can manage it, so try shooting your next photo near a window, or even take the photo outside! (Although, make sure you’re in the shade and not directly in the sunlight, as this tends to blow out colors and will make your image too harsh.)

4. | Last but not least, have fun!! If you’re having a good time, it will show up in your photos. Likewise, if you’re hating having to stage the photo and aren’t happy with the result, others will be able to notice! Don’t get too consumed on trying to make “that perfect Instagram photo,” and just relax and enjoy the chance to share what you love!! So go out there and have some fun!

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