How To Stay Focused When You Work From Home

 Hi #societygals, Hannah here, your marketing and operations director at The Social Society. As some of you may know, I work my heart out for this amazing company in my very own home (I know, amazing right?). I am also a college student over at Arizona State University so sometimes my plate can get very full (who am I kidding, it’s over flowing) and somedays can get a little out of routine and disorganized. Now that I’ve turned my home into my office for a while now, I will be sharing some tips for you remote workers to get yourself to work just as if you were driving to the office in the am!

1. | Set out a designated area.

It is crucial to have an area that you can consider your office. Whether it’s a separate room, a desk in your bedroom or your kitchen table – having a space to feel like an office will set you in the right mood and give you the motivation to get sh*t done. While there will be mornings where you will work from bed, try to use your designate space as often as possible. This will help immensely as you will obtain a stronger focus by keeping your work life as separate as you can from your home life. And with this “office” you’ve created, it will feel that much more great to unwind on your couch or in bed since you haven’t spent all day there.

2. | Wake up and GET READY.

 A big part of going to work every morning is waking up a little sooner to get dressed and make yourself presentable for the work environment. Obviously working from home, you don’t see anyone so therefore, you don’t need to look presentable. However, I have found that waking up 45 minutes earlier to shower, put on a little bit of makeup, and a comfy cute outfit makes my drive to get stuff done that much easier. That time that is being spent getting ready before work will give yourself space to wakeup and get the momentum of your thoughts flowing, rather than opening your eyes and going straight to your emails. And who doesn’t feel like they conquer the world with a cute outfit on?

3. | Delete any and all distractions.

Without an office around you and peers looking at you, it is super easy to get sucked into ‘home habits’. Although it won’t be the easiest step to conquer, removing these distractions from your designated workplace will keep you focused and accomplish what needs to be done.

If you like to play music often but catch yourself dancing and snap chatting to every song on, turn it off. If you tend to play with your hair a lot, throw it up in a bun. And your cell phone? Yeah I think we both know what to do with that one.

4. | NO chores.

Home is the land of multitasking, ladies. However, during your work time, this is a no no. As you may think it is easy and fast to throw in a load of laundry between conference calls or schedule a hair appointment to mark it off your to do list, these tasks will take up a lot of your time and set your mind off. It is important to stay in the zone of your work environment and stay on your to do list for work.

5 . | Get ahead.

With what was said above, some people may work from home in order to get their home to do lists done. I understand that – just get ahead. If you know that you will need to do laundry or empty the dishwasher on Monday. Knock out a little more work on Friday to give yourself that extra time in the morning to get those unbearable tasks done. It’s not impossible to balance work + home life at home, but it may seem close to it when you don’t draw a fine line between the two.

6. | Mix it up.

As luxurious as working from home may sound, it’s not always that perfect. More often than not, you can find yourself scrolling through Pinterest and searching deep into Facebook because you’re lonely and/or restless. Mixing things up with your work from home routine and fill in the spots that it lacks, you are much easier to maintain a love from your job and not get tired of it.

If you miss having a designated lunch break or chatting with co-workers, plan a lunch date with your friend or take your dog on a walk during your break time. It’s important to fill in the blanks with what you miss and mix things up a bit – as much as us organized #societygals may love routine, it’s not always that great for your creativity and work ethic towards your career.


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