How to Maintain Your Love Life in Your Entrepreneurial World

Brigitte Zonta is a relationship expert and coaching psychologist. She helps people around the world giving expert advice and one on one coaching for those that are stuck in loveless relationships, single and can’t find love, or want to improve their current relationship before it tears them apart.  She’s seen it all when it comes to love and she wants to help!

Many entrepreneurs love what they do, but numerous of them struggle with accomplishing a work-life balance. You know, that perfect, intangible goal of working convenient hours (9 to 5, anyone?), having free time to spend with loved ones and on personally gratifying activities, and, on top of all that, getting adequate sleep, healthy meals and exercise to maintain a well-rounded life (phew sounds tiring!)

But we all know the hustle!

Unfortunately, this struggle to maintain a work life balance appears to be the misery of countless entrepreneurs, many finding themselves absorbed in the day-to-day needs of their work—from finding and hiring talent, managing SEO, to marketing, and social media. It’s hard to break away even for an hour, much less take some time out to sit with a loved one!

But it’s not a completely impossible task.

I know there are people out there who have started successful companies and still have time for great love affairs or deep meaningful romantic relationships. I’ve worked with them!  They have made it a priority to be a great in business, as well as a supportive and available partner.  The reality is, if you are disregarding your love life it also damages your business performance.

So, how does your love life ultimately lead to a successful, flourishing business?  Here are 6 ways to love your partner in the entrepreneur world so your business can flourish

1. Put Them in Your Calendar – Make Time for Your Relationship

If your calendar events are 100 percent business focused then it’s no wonder that your relationship is suffering.

Set aside a minimum of 10 – 20% percent of your weekly calendar for your significant other. This is your non-negotiable connection time. It could mean date nights, massages, walking the dog together, time for sex, whatever serves your relationship at the time. By purposefully carving out time in your calendar and making them a priority your relationship will flourish.0

2. Utilize Your Partner

Having a loving partner who understands the importance of your career and wants to actively support you on your way to the top is one of the best, most under-utilized tools of the prevailing entrepreneur.  Hopefully you’ve chosen your partner because you respect their opinion, you love their viewpoint of the world and you want to hear what they have to say about matters that are important to you both.  Your partner can have a lot to offer your business. Even if they don’t fully understand what you do, they’re still a great person to bounce ideas off of.

Just remember your partner will be your lifeline who will remind you that you are the right person for the job, your biggest cheerleader. As long as you don’t make them feel like they are competing with your business, this is your greatest asset

3. Praise and Appreciation

Just like you give your staff, virtual assistants and website designer positive reinforcement for a job well done, your partner likely responds well to being appreciated too.  Regularly make a point of letting your partner know how much you love them, what you love about them and what they bring to your life.  Don’t fuss about how you deliver the message, it can be via text message, email, hidden love note or spoken word, a little bit goes a long way.

4. Outsource the Mundane Tasks Including the Pesky Domestic Stuff

This can help alleviate any built up resentment that may have been caused from one partner feeling like they are doing the majority of the domestic work. If both you and your partner are employed (especially if you’re both self-employed) then it can be helpful to outsource some of the mundane tasks in life. It’s not much fun finishing a days work to come home to just another pile of tasks to be addressed. Instead of feeling guilty or run down at the end of the week because you and your partner haven’t had time to get on top of the domestic duties, do yourself a favor and hire a cleaning service.  You can also utilize other forms of help, like an errand runner, gardener or a food preparation company to take some of the tasks off of your and your partner’s plate. This will free up more time for you to reconnect as a couple, and enjoy some extra intimacy time!

5. Disconnect from IT to Reconnect U2

Do you feel guilty plugging in your laptop when its battery is nearly empty? So why do you feel guilty when it comes to letting yourself recharge?  When you come home from work, or when you have finished your day in your home office, do your absolute best to fully unplug. Shut your phone off. Keep your laptop closed. Your home time need to be sacred. If you think you might struggle with a no IT ZONE after work, at least make your bedroom a technology-free safe zone. You will see that your relationship, sex life and sanity will receive massive gains.

6. Enjoy Intimate Moments and Have Sex

Lets face it, It’s the swiftest stress- busting activity out there, followed closely by exercise. But the dopamine and oxytocin rush you get from a great session of sex (at least 30 to 45 minutes) is like the release you get after an hour-long massage. And it’s more fun. Remember this is a must to put into your calendar!

Is it really that easy?

Yep! It’s just like running your business.

When you give your business, time, energy and love, it will give the same in return two fold.

This is the same as your relationship. Business, money and relationships are all energy-based activities. All you have to do is give your relationship a small percentage of your focus (10-20% of your time) and you will see the quality of it will start skyrocketing just like your income did in your business once you knew what to focus on.

You’ve got this! It’s that simple.

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