How to Keep Your Brand Cohesive

If there was one question that consistently appears in my inbox, DM or IG comment feed is centered around how I maintain the consistency of my brand. When I attempt to answer this question, I always preface that it took me a little under a year to find my visual voice; locking down the brand presence that you see today.

I know…I know. A year is a very long time to commit to finding the perfect aesthetic to represent yourself online but this is what I do. Every day I get to sit down with women-led brands and help develop their visual voice through a series of steps. The steps that I have outline below for you are non-negotiable, yes…that means YOU! If you are reading this, that means you are serious about growing your business and locking in a beautiful aesthetic. So grab a latte and let’s get started!

  1. Define Your Intentions: Before you start on this journey, it’s important to define the intentions for your brand. This is the single most important step of creating a cohesive presence. Outside of the visuals, of course. Think of your intentions as the compass (or GPS for all my techies & millennials) that will guide every aspect of your brand. It could be that you are aiming to help other women live their best lives through empowering messaging and encouraging affirmations. Or your strength may be in assisting entrepreneurs organize their business processes and inboxes (which is truly a gift). Whatever your intention may be, becoming absolutely clear will allow you to create a lasting foundation for building a cohesive brand. Here are a few more tips on how you can seal the deal with your intentions.
  2. Create A Platform Plan: Does this sound foreign to you? I’m sure you’re nodding your head! Nowadays there are so many blogs and educational resources teaching us how to create content calendars and how to schedule out that content to reach our audience. But one day during my rebrand, these questions popped into my head. What about the platform? How many platforms should my business have a presence upon? Will I drive myself crazy attempting to keep up with five different accounts? And the answer was YES. Narrowing down which platforms fit your brand the best will not only save you a lot of time but also will give you more control over how you present your brand. Disclaimer: This requires some research ladies. I personally decided that Instagram and my website were my number one platform priorities. They both allow me to display my work, produce content to educate and present my business in a professional manner.
  3. Define Your Audience: Or as I like to refer to as defining your “It Girl”. Just think, how ineffective would your brand efforts become if you were trying to speak to absolutely everyone? I’ve literally mapped out my ‘It Girl’s’ entire day and began creating messaging around her. Even down to the language I have developed; I am continuously speaking to my “It Girl”. Try to think about every aspect of your It Girl’s life. Consider these:
    1. What age range is your ‘It Girl’?
    2. What is your ‘It Girl’s’ occupation?
    3. What is important to your ‘It Girl’?
    4. Where and how does your ‘It Girl’ receive information?
    5. Where does your ‘It Girl’ shop?
  4. Remember the Four P’s: Maybe it’s my Type A/creative mind personality mix but I love to create fun + easy ways to think about better biz development. The elements of the Four P are a few additional MUST HAVES to creating a cohesive brand presence. You can find more about them over on my blog here.

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Tiffany Tolliver is the Owner and Creative Director of The EmmaRose Agency. The EmmaRose Agency, a luxury boutique branding firm based in Washington, D.C., focuses on visual storytelling for creative entrepreneurs and influencers. The Agency has worked with women in business across the country, designing and building brands of all sizes and specializes in stylish visual balance, through clean and classic designs that are paired with breathtaking photography.

For her, branding goes far beyond a logo or business card; it is all about creating an experience. Branding is the careful consideration of the promise you’ve dedicated to provide to your customer.


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Photography Credit: Ashleigh Bing Photography