How to Find Balance While Doing It All

Hello, hello beautiful ladies of the Society Gal Tribe! Would this be considered the SGT? I call my readers, podcast listeners, yoga students, and dear friends the TBB Tribe (#tbbmademedoit, baby!), so I am always looking for fun ways to create community in new spaces and connect with more rad likeminded humans who support one another and lift each other up.

So I suppose this is the SG-TBB Tribe colliding worlds right now and I am so into it.

Regardless of what we wanna call ourselves, I am seriously so stoked to be here today sharing with you the one topic that I strive for above all else… balance. Finding balance, maintaining it, creating new forms of the balanced life all of the time and keeping up with taking care of myself above all else is my jam. Life moves fast, and we have to constantly check in with ourselves to stay on top of those self-care vibes.

Without those frequent check ins, it is so easy to fall behind on what we know matters to each of us. I will get to my list of non-negotiables in a second, but first I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Jordan, and I blog about wellness and lifestyle full-time over on The Balanced Blonde.

I’ve been doing this blogging thang for almost four years (woah!) and believe it or not, my blog started as a vegan food blog and now has evolved into something so, entirely, radically different from that. I’m not even vegan anymore, but that’s another story for another day. (In fact, you can read about that in my memoir Breaking Vegan if you’re interested.)

The blog life, for me, is now an entire lifestyle. I mean, if you take a look at my site you’ll see that there is not one key component to what I do or how I spend my time. The Internet space is a fast-paced, ever-changing cluster of awesomeness and ever since deciding to share my life publicly via my blog and social media, I accepted that and all it had to offer. That also meant taking on the challenge of letting my platforms evolve alongside of my life — even when things get so fast-paced I barely know what the heck is going on.

Which means those self-reflection check ins become even more important. Blogging is a time-consuming biz, especially when you love it so much that you could spend every ounce of your time working, bringing ideas to life, creating imagery and content to share with your followers, collaborating with other awesome humans in the space, and so much more.

So, how do I spend my time? I write blog posts every day and work with a ton of my favorite wellness and fitness brands to create content that lives on my platforms. I have a clothing line, TBB Apparel, that I developed a few years back to share health-inspired sayings that popped into my head while I was deep in the midst of a sweaty yoga sesh — obviously where all of the best ideas come to fruition in my mind. I have a YouTube channel and more recently, a podcast where I interview people who rock, which truly sets my soul on fire (unsurprisingly, it’s called the Soul On Fire podcast!).

I also teach yoga publicly and privately, because that truly feeds my soul in a way that working in front of a computer all day will never be able to do… even though connecting with my readers online feeds a whole different and equally deserving part of my soul. And, of course, I host and attend a lot of wellness events, I spend an exorbitant amount of time doing yoga and other forms of exercise (major passions), and I carve out a lot of time to spend with people I love and with my beloved kitty Hudson.

So, yes, that is a lot of stuff. Over the years I have sought a lot of advice from successful entrepreneurs in the wellness and social media space, and after learning quite a bit from them I have grown to detest the word “busy.” We are all busy in our own minds, whether we are busy with tons of social plans that we create for ourselves, or whether we are running a massive company with employees and deadlines and mega stress on the line.

Busy is as busy does. It’s a mindset. And it’s a mindset that is highly unproductive, if you ask me. Being “busy” means nothing to me. It’s all about being time effective, learning how to manage your schedule to make the most out of your day, and ultimately enjoying what you are doing so that the feeling of having a lot going on is exciting and adrenaline-inducing in the best of ways versus stressful.

Because of my outlook on the term “busy,” I never say or feel that I am busy. I say that I have a lot on my plate, which is something that I choose. I make the choice, week in and week out, to have a lot on my plate. I love blogging and everything that it entails, from writing blog posts to writing freelance to having photo shoots and video shoots nearly every day at this point (eek!). I also love to continue teaching and sharing yoga with the world — and I love writing books and have been pouring tons of energy into my next book.

I also like to workout every day. It’s my me time, my zen time, my chill the F out and take a few deep breaths time. And the people in my life are extremely important to me, so time with them is an absolute must every day.

Between all of that stuff, I have had to do a sh*t ton of reflecting to figure out how to find balance and maintain it. It can be so easy to let work (especially when you love what you do and being a workaholic doesn’t even feel like work because you’re so passionate about it all) take over and let the other things in our life slip, so I have some non-negotiables.

The first is something that might not sound like it is totally relevant, but trust me it is: know what you want, and ask for it. When I am comfortable asking for what I want, and I do that, the stress melts away. For example, if I know that one of my deadlines isn’t going to work well with my schedule or if a certain person on my team is bringing down my vibes — I ask for what I want. I ask for a change, and I explain where I am coming from. I am not a diva about it, I am just straightforward and honest about what my heart tells me to do.

And inevitably, listening to my gut and intuition are the two most important things that I do to create and maintain balance. Listening to myself and trusting that inner voice has lead me to every bit of success I have had with The Balanced Blonde over the years, from transitioning to the non-vegan lifestyle to surrounding myself with a team that inspires me and lifts my brand to the next level.

I also have a list of total musts as far as my routine goes. I have a diligent morning routine that includes a digital detox first thing in the morning so that instead of hopping right on my phone and scrolling Instagram, I stay in my own mind and stick with my own intentions and creative ideas for the day. While I make my morning bulletproof coffee and have my morning keto drink (totally obsessed — I go through major wellness obsessions and that is currently it), I connect with my own thoughts, do a light meditation, and then check my phone and begin my working day at least 45 minutes after waking up.

The third thing is that I have learned to conserve my energy for the people and things that matter most to me. Yes, that means I have had to walk away from a lot of people and things that no longer serve me. I am highly sensitive and really in tune with the energies and fluctuations of the universe (hippie, yogi, writer-y stuff I know) so if someone’s energy doesn’t mesh with mine… I am a complete and utter internal mess.

Because of that, I conserve my energy and really only commit to plans with people who really serve and nourish my soul. Same goes for my team. I have learned to delegate, which is an absolute must when you have this much going on, and I keep my team extremely tight and close knit. I have full trust in the people who work with me, and they save me so much time and energy — they have been real game changers.

Lastly, I eat clean and listen to my body every single day. I prioritize sleep, and when I am burnt out I take breaks. I use food to nourish and fuel me, and although it has taken a long time to mend my relationship with food post-eating disorder and with tons of stomach problems that I have — finding that nourishing, self-care type of relationship with food really helps clear my mind and keep me feeling as stable as balanced as possible.

I could go on forever, but those are my absolute musts for maintaining balance with this hectic, awesome, crazy life that I am living! To sum it up and to put everything in one place: I listen to my gut and ask for what I want, I stay grounded by maintaining an every-morning routine of self-care and meditation, I conserve my energy for those who matter most, I eat well and listen to my body, I delegate to people that I trust, and I rest when my body needs to.

And the number one thing is that I created a life around everything I love most!!! When you do that, balance simply falls into place. Balance is an every day practice and I certainly don’t have it down perfectly, but rather it is something I strive for on the daily and also strive to share with my awesome tribe of humans.

I would love to have you follow along on my blog, check out the podcast, and send in any suggestions or recommendations you have for what you’d like to see next! Especially if this post resonated with you, then we were meant to be in each other’s lives. 🙂

Thanks so much to Society Gal for having me!! You ladies rock and are the epitome of Soul on Fire humans!

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