How to Develop Your Brand Aesthetic

“Aesthetic” is the buzzword of the moment. And for good reason. We live in an Instagrammable world, where we are all searching for that perfect shot. We are constantly on the lookout for beautiful things, and in turn the physical world around us is also becoming more beautiful.  Think about it: restaurants have upped their decor game, stores have Instagrammable “moments,” even businesses are hiring mural artists to transform their dull exterior brick walls into works of art.

The point is, we are easily seduced by beautiful things.

But let’s back up a sec. What do we mean when we say “Aesthetic?”

Basically, it is the building blocks of your visual identity. It’s the expression of your style and taste. It is the first impression that someone makes of us whether they visit our Instagram or our website. This is important for influencers and brands because it takes about three seconds for someone to make an opinion about you or your brand. Let me say that again:

It takes only about three seconds for someone to make an opinion about you or your brand.

That’s it.

That’s how much time you have from the moment someone clicks on your site, to grab and hold their attention. So let’s make sure that aesthetic POPS.

Here are a few tricks to developing a strong aesthetic.


Before you begin to choose your brand colors and fonts, first take a step back to really develop your brand foundation. Answer these questions: Who are you? What do you do? How do you want your brand to make people feel? What is you or your brand’s personality?

So in the case of my company and brand, we are Rantze + Raves, a creative boutique and we create content and brand companies. We want our potential clients to feel inspired, embraced and like they’ve become part of a badass club of creators. Our personality is edgy, bold, direct and artsy.

By answering those questions, you’ve already started to paint a picture of where your aesthetic can go. So get specific!


Here’s where we get to have some fun. Take advantage of vision board formats like Pinterest or even Collections in Instagram, and without thinking about it, just start pinning things YOU like. I’m yelling the YOU because the biggest secret to a successful brand aesthetic is that it reflects you and your personality. You want to be excited about your aesthetic. The more excited you are, the more creative you will be with your content.

So go. Start pinning with reckless abandon. Don’t think. Pin anything that speaks to you. Don’t forget to pin fonts and colors.


Take a look at that Pinterest board you created. Most likely, you will notice that you pinned a few very similar photos. Start to pay attention to these commonalities within your board and begin to curate them. Are there colors you pinned repeatedly? How about the photography style? Is it minimalistic? Black and White? Did you pin some infographic or quote templates you like?

Get really specific here until you whittle your board down into a solid mood board. You want to include your brand colors, fonts, textures as well as a few sample images that you pinned.

You’ve not only just created your brand’s aesthetic, but the mood board will also serve as some brand guidelines that you can now easily relay to your team. Stick to these guidelines across your website and social platforms to streamline your brand’s aesthetic and increase brand recognition.

Damn. Looking good, girl.

*Blog contributed by Lizz Rantze
IG - @rantzeandraves
YouTube - Rantze and Raves