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Destiney LaVonia is more commonly known as the momma boss behind her blog MomCrushMonday! We love how she grew her community of loyal followers and engages with every single one of them! We think it’s important to have a community of strong women around you; both to share knowledge and receive it! Therefore, Destiney wrote us her tips + tricks on how she engages her followers!


So, let’s chat about engagement! It’s all about communication.  I believe one of the reasons my audience has grown so quickly has been because I view each comment and private message like I would any other conversation in real life. If you were walking down the street and someone complimented your top, you wouldn’t just keep walking without acknowledging their nice gesture. It’s the same concept with social media. If someone comments on one of my photos or sends me a message, I acknowledge them and interact like I would in person. I believe this is the hands down, most important concept when it comes to engagement with your followers. It’s relationship building, and it keeps your new friends coming back.

Once you have that foundation of communication, there are other ways you can keep engagement growing as well. Here are some of my insider tips:

  1. It’s not enough to just respond back to a comment on your personal photo; if someone has left you a comment, go to their page and do the same! By liking and commenting on some of their photos, you are showing them this is a two way relationship. Ever had a friend that always needed something but never wanted to give in return? Bet that friendship didn’t last long. Don’t be that friend.

  2. Make sure the message your page is sending is true to you. This is so important. An audience is going to be drawn to you and your page when you are consistent, open, and true to yourself.  Give your audience a real look at you (or at least a peek), it’s something they can’t get somewhere else and it will keep them coming back.

  3. Promote yourself. This isn’t the time to be shy. You’ve put it out there now, put it out there all over the place. After you’ve shared something on one social media platform, take to your other platforms to drive your audience back over to your post. Get that message out there and expand your audience reach.

  4. Focus on quality over quantity. While there might be 5 photos of your dog from your day at the park that are all very cute, pick your favorite one and only post that one. There is only so much you can say about the same scenario, no matter how cute. By the 3rd photo, they’ve run out of things to say. It’s about giving people a glimpse into your life, not every scene. Leave them wanting more.

  5. You know how they say, in life timing is everything? This is true for social media also. Experiment with your posts. If you are going to post two a day, find the two times of day that your IG traffic is the highest. You can’t get engagement on your photo if the audience doesn’t see it.

  6. Tap into your community – whether it be other foodies, mamas in business, or crafters – use that resource. By collaborating with other bloggers, you are not only extending your range of audience, but you are showing your audience how you connect with people. That sense of community translates. Make them feel a part of it as well. People need community, so provide them with that.

  7. Giveaways! This is such a fun way to give back to your followers! I’ve always had a love of small shops, so when I started out I’d work with small shops I loved to get their name out there. They’d provide something small to giveaway to my audience, and in return both of our audiences would grow. Win, win!

There you have it, my top tips for growing engagement with your audience! A huge thank you to the amazing women                             over at Society Gals for letting me be a part of this series. You ladies are the real MVP’s!

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