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Societygal Feature with Geraldine Ridaura, Founder of Holy Matcha

Introducing, Geraldine Riadura, founder of the Instagram dream known as Holy Matcha in San Diego! In just 1 year Holy Matcha has become a huge success! We admire Geraldine's work ethic and positive approach to business. She is super passionate about all things matcha and really nails the aesthetic that keeps us coming back for more- she had us at millenial pink walls and dairy-free matcha soft serve. 

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Societygal Feature with Kelly Helfman the VP of WWDMAGIC

Kelly Helfman is the Vice President of WWDMAGIC, FAME, ACCESSORIES THE SHOW and POOL TRADESHOW, four of UBM Fashion’s top performing events. With 15+ years of experience in fashion sales, marketing, and design, other career highlights include starting Kween, a celeb-favorite, vintage-inspired clothing brand, and launching Playground (now Children's Club Las Vegas) and FWD New York (now merged with FAME.)

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Societygal Feature with Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star dropped out of law school, picked up a camera and pursued her dreams, later being named one of the top photographers in the world. She built a worldwide brand from scratch and leveraged social media marketing to build a six-figure business in her first year. Jasmine amassed hundreds of thousands of followers through her online educational efforts, and empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media.

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