Intuitive Branding Secrets with Kessley McCormick

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As a babe who bosses, you will be making decisions all day, every day. Decision making can be thrilling and also scary as hell, but none the less they will still need to be made! Know that when you make a decision, there isn’t a wrong or right path, but there is a difference in energy and outcome. You will become an expert at making powerful decisions by learning to tap into your own sacred energy. Light a candle and get centered by clearing all your electronics and meditating. Meditation is one of the most beautiful ways to tap into your own energy and come up with answers. Every single time I do this I receive so much clarity and you will too. Getting away from distractions and other peoples energy (think IG & Facebook), and focusing on what you want is the ultimate tool in serving your business or brand.

EXAMPLE : Trying to decide on which graphic designer you should hire to design your website?

DO THIS : As you light your beloved candle, clear your space, and rid yourself of screens or electronics, say this inwardly, “I am ready to make a decision that will benefit me in the highest manner.” As you close your eyes, focus first on your breathing, your body, and quieting the mind. Once you feel calm, invite the graphic designers that you have spoken to, obsessed over, and stalked into your space and simply look at them. You will have your answer in this space and be able to confirm without fear.


Aligning yourself with everything you do, produce, create, or share in your business is IMPERATIVE. This skill is something that comes very natural to some, and is trying for others. Alignment is knowing how to make every single one of your natural talents and gifts seen and heard in the world but YOU have to know and love them!

Deepening your understanding of yourself and what you want, how you want to serve others, allows for more flow in your business vs. resistance, especially as you evolve and expand. Intuitive Brainstorming is a dynamic journaling ritual that can be life changing and help you figure out your very next steps.

DO THIS : Grab your pretty little notebook and title a fresh page, Alignment. Now ask yourself, “What has been coming up for me lately that is calling to my soul?”. Most entrepreneurs are tapped in and receive a multitude of ideas, which is a total blessing, but can feel disorienting when trying to figure out which path to take. Make a list of all of your ideas with space below each one. Under all of your ideas, create a plan of action.

  • What do you need to get started?

  • When can you get started?

  • How motivated are you?

  • How excited does this idea make you?

There will always be one idea that feels more supreme then others, and this my Darling, is the exact thing you should do RIGHT NOW.


Knowing and mastering your copy is a MUST. Using your Intuition to hone in on phrases and words that feel so authentic and you is V important. There are just certain words that will give you more energy than others. For instance, I don’t love the word sparkly, I mean it’s cute, but it doesn’t give me the same energy that the word brilliant does. Have you tested your copy out? This will boost your confidence and set you apart from others in your consults, sales calls, DM’s, and posts and will help you attract higher paying clients.

DO THIS : Test out your copy make a list of words that you find yourself using often in your posts. Take inventory through your IG or blog. You want your copy to always be you, but it’s okay to up level and discover new words that bring you energy! This is a great manifestation tool because you will be expanding your written word and vocabulary. Download Merriam- Webster’s free app and plug in those boring old adjectives into the thesaurus. Make a list of alternatives you can start incorporating that sparks something when you read it. This will do the same for your readers!

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