Societygal feature with Michelle Infusino

Michelle Infusino is an up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle blogger who classifies herself as a dreamer, a free spirit, and a warrior of good vibes. She’s got an east coast work ethic and a west coast soul. When she got to LA, she searched for a way to merge her passion for style with her newfound love for the chilled out boho beach lifestyle she found on the west side…and she landed here.

ALWAYS A WEEKEND is her passion project turned career- a mix of effortless every day style, skincare solutions, and beauty hacks that keep her morning routine short and sweet. On her best days you can find her admiring succulents and vintage tiles on the sunny Venice streets, or soaking up rays on the beach with a good book. Always on the go, she tries to share as much of her lifestyle as possible while keeping things real and relatable along the way. She’s all about denim, knotted tees, and salt water waves.

We chatted with Michelle to get to know her a little bit better, and here is what she had to say:

Where are you from? A small town in NJ, just outside of NYC. East coast bred but I've got a west coast soul!

What is your go-to coffee order? An iced chai with almond milk or a cold brew with almond milk and vanilla! 

Do you prefer staying in or going out? Both! I love to be social and go out in small groups of good friends, but I also love a good Netflix and ordering take-out night :)

What is your favorite fashion piece? ooh, that's a hard one! I'll have to say anything high-waisted because that gives me options haha

What is your life motto? Always a weekend ;)

What do you love about Societygal? I love that societygal brings girls together who are all grinding towards a similar goal. This industry can feel lonely and competitive and make you doubt yourself a ton, so it's always amazing to have a support group to turn to in those times!

Connect with Michelle:
Instagram: @michelleinfusino