3 Reasons Why You Should Travel the World, Host Luxury Retreats and Live Your Most Glowing Life

The past year has literally been a dream come true for me. I’ve hosted my first health and self-love retreats in Thailand and in Bali, traveled at least once a month, attracted the most amazing clients, and have found new beautiful friends from all over the world!

Not everyone loves traveling, and it may feel scary to go on a luxury retreat - I mean, do I really deserve luxury? - and spend time in paradise with strangers. And what does it even mean to live a glowing life?

Living a glowing life to me means that you’re living life on your terms, that you wakeup in the morning feeling super excited about what you have planned for the day, that you surround yourself with loving, supportive people and that you’re taking care of your body, your health, and your beauty all while fully embracing the wonderful woman you are today.

In 2017, I set myself a goal to travel once a month. At that time, I didn’t really know how I would come up with 12 trips for the year, but it eventually happened without any efforts. Ask and you will receive. If you want to travel more, explore the world all while getting to know yourself better and traveling in style, here are 3 reasons why you should totally go for it:

1) There’s So Much To See!

I’ve been to over 34 countries now and still haven’t seen even half of it. Every time I get to a new place, I find miracles everywhere. I have a gift of finding the healthiest cafés, the cutest restaurants, and the most stylish hotels no matter where I go, but even besides that, new places hold so many wonders.

Traveling is so refreshing. It takes you out of your comfort zone, mixes you up with new people, and shows you new horizons. I love observing how people live in other countries. How they communicate with each other, how they say hello (with hugs, with kisses, handshakes etc.). I love exploring the traditional foods they eat and the customs and traditions they have, which is unique to every place.

The world is full of miracles, and every time you get to a new place, you can broaden your horizon, learn something new, and humble yourself.

Not everyone has computers and iPhones, not everyone knows how to read and write, not everyone has the possibility to go to school. We are very privileged and so often forget about how lucky we are to have that freedom to move around and travel the world. Traveling has helped me see things differently and be grateful for all the abundance I have been able to enjoy. And there’s still so much left!

Take your journal and answer these questions:
What would be your no. 1 dream destination?
When do you want to go there? (This has to be a specific time, not just „some day“!)
What do you need to organize to make it happen? (e.g. book a flight, or save up money)

2) Find New Besties On A Luxury Retreat

A couple of years ago, I went on my first retreat. It was an incredible experience to travel and „work“, get to know myself better and get together with the most beautiful women from all over the world. It was a very intimate group and completely transformed my life.

Today, I host retreats for my clients, and I can tell you, it’s the most rewarding work I have ever done. I get to pick the most luxurious locations in the entire world, decide what we’re going to work on during the retreat, and organize all the little details. I get crystal clear on the type of women these retreats are for and put in my heart and soul to make this an unforgettable experience incl. flower crowns, champagne, goodie bags, and other special surprises.

Getting together with likeminded women can be incredibly powerful. It’s encouraging to be surrounded by ambitious ladies, it’s very grounding and humbling to connect and share your life stories with each other, because you notice that you’re not the only one with certain issues - we all have our stuff going on. Plus, you become unstoppable when you have a tribe that has your back no matter what.

If you haven’t attended any live events or retreats yet, all I can say is DO IT! If you have a business yourself and haven’t done any live events, I highly recommend you start thinking about it! It’s the best way to connect with your clients, to get to know each other better, and to build an actual community and hold the space for new friendships to happen.

Take your journal and answer these questions:
What kind of event would you love to attend?
What kind of events would you like to host for your community?

3) There’s only one life

The last reason why you should travel more and live a glowing life now is because there’s only one life (at least in this physical body of yours).

The only time you can decide to change things and do what you’ve been dreaming of is now. Right now as you’re reading this blog post. Thinking of postponing things to next month instead? Or next year? Trust me, you’ll have another excuse ready when that time comes.

I truly believe that we have to live in the present moment and enjoy all the possibilities we have now. So why not travel more this year? Why not plan something for 2019 that’s a little crazy? Why not go on a retreat or host your own, which you’ve been postponing for a long time now anyway?

Let’s all start living a glowing life now and make the world a better place one sparkle at a time.

*Blog post contributed by Martina Fink: www.martinafink.com