How to Make the Perfect IG Story Templates and Highlights!

Instagram is such a helpful tool for anyone who is trying to expand their brand and grow their audience. Along with keeping a consistent feed, it is SO important to carry that same consistency over onto your stories. Instagram stories are often overlooked as a valuable marketing tool for your brand, but if anything, they are equally as important. Stories actually have an advantage in some way because you’re able to not only post daily, but even multiple times a day. This allows your audience to connect with you on a more personal level and get to know you in a more “behind the scenes,” kind of way.

It’s so important to find this connection with your audience to grow your brand because it’s almost like building a community. Although stories aren’t as “formal,” as an actual post, it’s also important to stay cohesive with your branding! You can achieve this by messing around with fun fonts, filters, and templates. Another fun way to achieve this is by making personalized icons for your highlights. Not only do highlights make your page look more professional, but they also are the perfect way to add your own personality to your feed. Here are a couple different apps we use to make perfect IG stories and highlights:

CANVA: This is the perfect app for Highlights + Templates. They have tons of options with different icons, fonts & pre-built templates making it extremely easy and user-friendly.

OVER: Over is perfect for adding little details to your stories. They also have plenty of templates for highlights and IG stories.

UNFOLD: Unfold is the perfect app for minimalistic stories including Polaroids, film, and pre-built, ready-to-use templates.

INSHOT: If you're looking to add fun effects on your videos - this is the app for you! InShot allows you to add effects, stickers, text, filters and music to your videos - making your IG stories look like a professional videographer shot them.

GAMMA 35MM: This gives your photos a cinematic look with different film options including a vintage effect that you see tons of influencers using. There are over 13 different film effects giving you the opportunity to find the perfect filter for your brand.