Societygal feature with Glow Girl Martina Fink

Martina Fink is a Holistic Health & Beauty Coach who helps women live healthy, sustainable and glowing lives. She believes that all your answers are within, and all you need to do is do the internal work, connect with your intuition, and trust your gut and your heart. Through chakra work, self-love, a daily practice and healthy food, she was able to heal past traumas from being bullied to feeling unworthy, and step into that glowing self she is today. This work was also what took her life, her business and her travels to a complete new level. Eating smoothie bowls and making green juices is just as important for her as reducing our waste, caring for our planet in all ways possible, traveling the world, and making daily glowy instagram stories.

Martina hosts luxury self-love and wellness retreats in the most beautiful places around the globe, has a signature online course called Glow School, and works with women 1:1. She also teaches regular meditation classes and workshops in Zurich, Switzerland, and other places, and has a podcast called The Glow Life Podcast.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: I looooove working with motivated women to improve their lifestyles. I was once a stressed out woman working as a store manager at Apple, which was a job that I loved, but didn't feel 100% aligned with. While I enjoyed working with the people there, I had a really hard time figuring out the logistics of life with my irregular schedule and managing my energy, which I felt went all into work. I also completely lost my creativity, ate a lot of fast food, and felt crappy in my body.

Today, I have a 1hr daily practice, which includes yoga, meditation and visualization, I take the time to prepare my smoothie bowls every day, work with the most amazing women and help them create healthier and more relaxed lifestyles as well. It doesn't always mean that drastic changes like quitting your job are the solutions - it's usually the little habits that make the difference.

I am obsessed with traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I believe that we live on an amazing planet, Mother Earth, and we need to take care of it. Through my programs, social media, and my blog, I share simple tips to living a more sustainable life in all areas, such as food, clothes, travel, etc. I am a huge believer of the fact that every single action counts.

Today, I combine work with pleasure. I host luxury retreats around the world, and want to show other women how easy it can be to prioritize and love themselves more. It all starts with one decision that you are worthy of that dream lifestyle you want to live!

What do you like most about Societygal?: I love how Societygal just knows the most amazing and impactful people! They get me the BEST podcast guests and I have made quite some new friends through that! Everyone is so positive, inspiring and believes they can change the world, just like I do!

It's also their vibe online that I really love. Hard to explain, because we can't really see energy, it's something that we feel only. They're always so positive, inspiring and supportive of other women and their businesses, and that's what I love!

Who do you look up to and why?: I look up to other women who are killing it in their businesses and are really making a difference in the world on a bigger scale. Gabby Bernstein, Melissa Ambrosini, Mel Wells, Lauryn Evarts, Amber-Lee Lyons, Sofie von Marricks, Marie Forleo, just to name a few. All of them are more than just coaches or teachers. I admire how they have built brands, products, events, workshops that are well-known across the world.

What advice do you have for our readers?: I want you to know that whatever you are going through, there is a reason why it's happening. I want you to be strong and be a warrior and not the victim. When you're feeling like a victim, you can't change anything and you're powerless. You can switch things around. You can start to make changes, consistent little changes, and it will make a difference in the long run.

Know that we were all born with intuition, but unfortunately lost this important connection to this innate wisdom. Through journaling, meditation, self-love practices, and time to reflect on yourself and your life, you can reestablish that relationship with your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself again. This is literally the biggest gift you can give yourself, because the truth is that you have all the answers inside of you, you just have to listen and act upon them.

So if you're feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and don't know what to do, just to 1 thing. Start with 1 little thing that you can do differently today.

You are beautiful and loved just the way you are. <3 And you deserve to live a glowing life!

What new things are you up to?: I am currently working on two things! 1) I am writing a book! I have this vision for an amazingly beautiful coffee table book to help women find their glow through nutrition, daily habits, meditation, journaling, and self-love. 2) I am planning an event in LA for next year! I want to bring health and wellness experts together to have a fun day with different classes, workshops, amazing food and new, meaningful connections. Are you joining us?

What books are you reading?: I am currently reading "Earth is Hiring" by Peta Kelly and I'm loving it! It's about how the millennial generation wants to make a difference in the world and wants to save the planet (100% me). It's an amazing book to understand where we're coming from and how our genes are just different than older generations. It's in our DNA that we want to do this kind of work, and Peta Kelly is such an amazing role model with everything she's doing for the planet that I just want to have her as my best friend!

When did you launch your business?: My first blog was up in 2013, when I was still working full time and started teaching makeup workshops and classes! I "officially" launched after I quit my job in summer 2015, which is when I started to see my dream project as a business and began to treat it like that.

What are your offerings in your business?: My most exciting thing are my Glow Camp retreats! I have two amazing new locations and retreats planned for 2019 - Costa Rica in January ( for the busy and/or business girl who wants to take her life to the next level and become that incredible woman in the new year, and Greece in May (, which is for the women who want to adopt new healthy habits, change the way they eat, think, and live, and are ready to up their confidence game and live a glowing life now. I can't stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with likeminded, positive women who have similar interests and goals like you! It's a total game changer and will give you so much motivation and power that you can't help but glow from the inside out!

I have a few different 1:1 coaching programs, depending on what the goals are my clients want to achieve, to help women create healthier lifestyle, and start with their dream projects and businesses. I also have a selection of self-study online courses, and Glow School, which is a 3-months program that includes a live event in Europe!

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: I have a very long and consistent daily practice (see next question) and I schedule in every single task, including lunch breaks and evenings off, into my calendar to make sure I am efficient and productive. That includes when I check my emails, when I checkin with my clients, when I go on social media, and when I work on which project. I try to keep Fridays off and use this as my social day to meet with friends for breakfast or a smoothie, spend time with my parents, and go on little adventures. I normally don't work on the weekends, it just feels like it's not the right energy to be productive and it's also when I spend the most time with my partner and with the people I love.

That being said, I have very clear boundaries, because otherwise, I could just be working 24/7, because there is always something that you can work on, right? I would also like to say that if you've tried something that doesn't work, switch things around and see how it goes. There's no one type fits all work/life balance I believe!

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: Skin care is a very important part of my morning routine. When I get up, I first brush my teeth and wash my face. I have a glass of water, use my rose quartz roller, then apply a serum and a moisturizer. When I have to leave the house or have important meetings, I do my makeup. On other days, I don't :) Because, why?

I have a pretty consistent morning practice, usually from 9-10am, where I do some breathing, stretching and some yoga, and then sit in meditation. I love to visualize something every day and manifest it into existence. This could be something like an upcoming event, a retreat, a dream trip, or any other personal dream that I focus on. After that, I light some palo santo or white sage to clear any stagnant and negative energy from my energy field. I also use crystals and essential oils for my meditations, and pick them according to whatever energy I feel like I need in that moment.

I then go into my kitchen and prepare my smoothie bowl or warm porridge and lemon water, before I start work at 10am! No day without breakfast!

Favorite food +/or drinks?: Without a doubt: Smoothie bowls and green juice! They make me feel so alive, fresh, rejuvenated like nothing else! In winter, I prefer a warm porridge with berries or cinnamon to help warm up my digestive system, and I also love Chai lattes with homemade oat milk.

Where can our readers find you?: You can find me on
"The Glow Life Podcast" on iTunes or

Any other thoughts?: Thank you so much for the work you are doing! You are making a difference :)