Reimagine Graphic Design with PicMonkey


We wanted to talk to you gals about about PicMonkey! Did you know there is a desktop & mobile interface. Which means you can use both for your workflow by using their hub. 

Your PicMonkey account is always on hand, on whatever device you have close by desktop or mobile. So if you design something on your computer you can download it right to your phone!  This comes in so handy if you are making a lot of graphics for social media! 

Increase engagement by upping your graphics on Instagram , Pinterest, YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter so that they stand out. If you talk with our clients we always have them use Instagram stories. If you want them to stand out PicMonkey will help you make sure your stories stay consistent. 

This is perfect for someone who is postin’ on the go! 

PicMonkey is our go-to photo editing and design too, both on desktop & mobile. f you subscribe with this link within 48 hours, PicMonkey will tack on 3 free months. 

o take advantage of the offer you have to be on from your desktop to subscribe. For 48 hours only “Societygal” users who subscribe on desktop within 48 hours PicMonkey will tack on 3 months for free!

Click the link here to get exclusive access here

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