Societygal feature with Brittany Reid.

Brittany Reid is a soulful online expert and ceremony facilitator. With a background in nutrition and business Brittany's goal is to teach women who have mastered the mindset and strategy of running an online business to turn inward and connect their business and life together through sacred tools and soul work. Helping them create a purposeful connection with themselves so they can SERVE deeper and scale to their next goal. She helps women escape from hustle and grind focusing on freedom and flow within their business.

She is also the host of the How To B. Podcast. The podcast unravels the stories that are often left out. Brittany is diving deep in to adventures of conscious, life and business in a modern day society. transmuting imposed beliefs and the potency of tapping into our most natural state: being. The vastness of building a millionaire mindset, sitting in ceremony, and how to reconnect to manifesting our wildest dreams.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: My given name is Brittany Reid.I am a Soulful Online Business Mentor and Ceremony Facilitator.

I teach women entrepreneurs who have worked with the mindset and strategy turn INWARD and connect to their business and life together through sacred tools, intuitive strategy, and belief systems. Igniting a business of connection, time freedom, and LOVE! 

Alongside this, I work with women to elevate their money relationship, break down scarcity and limiting beliefs that are keeping them on replay, find their innate power within (woohoo yoni love!), and step into a life that is build off pleasure. All while being a mega manifesto and embracing their wildly untamed selves!

What do you like most about Societygal?: EVERYTHING! But seriously, mega girl crush. Societygal reminds me of what truly is possible and a life built off passion and connection. A space where we lift each other up, that is the type of people I want to surround myself by. Sisters Rising.

Who do you look up to and why?: I look up to everybody. I see everyone as a blessing to understand more of ourselves and our purpose. Someone to look up too as we all have been through many experiences that have crafted us to who we are today. I see everyone as a mentor or teacher. Some people more than others but truly each experience with someone is a gift to connect deeper and grow more. 

Communities /People I am Inspired by:
@societygal ;) 

What advice do you have for our readers?: No matter what we are going through we have the ability to choose something different. We can change our reality if we drop into stillness and allow the space to bring forth what is our next step is to grow closer to what we want. We truly have complete control of our reality. Its just how we operate and move through life experiences that will either rise us into a more elevated versions of ourselves or stay where we're at. Its truly, one choice away.

What new things are you up to?: I recently launched a podcast called: How to B: Sacred Conversations Podcast. This has been a dream of mine. I love sharing space and creating deep conversations with people. Hearing different perspectives and ways of being brings me absolute joy. I also have been working on a new group program for creative women entrepreneurs to elevate their business through a series of sacred tools that will unlock a business next level sparkly. Taking all of the sacred tools and intuitive strategies to create more ease and flow in your business. #nomorehustlengrind This will be launching Fall/Winter 2018. A intimate group mentorship for 5 months.

What books are you reading?: Be Love Now- Ram Dass
Crushing it!- Gary Vaynerchuk
Love Your Lady Landscape: Trust Your Gut, Care for 'Down There' and Reclaim Your Fierce and Feminine SHE Power - Lisa Lister

Diving back into pieces of Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell & Many Online Bloggers

When did you launch your business?: I softly launched my business when I was graduating from post secondary school back in 2014. I mostly worked as a contractor from then until now although I feel I fully committed my entire being almost 2 years ago.

What are your offerings in your business?: Awaken and Rise Mentorship 1:1 : Soulful Online 4 Month Mentorship for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to find more ease and flow in their business by discovering a deeper connection to their souls work and mapping out intuitive strategies to remove the feeling of hustle/focus and gently ease into flow and magnetic confidence.

Sacred Oracle Card Readings: Offering 4 times per year to understand the deeper meaning to what is limiting you and where your purpose is leading you to. This is based off the seasonal shifts where we work with the moon and astrology. 

NEW- Group Program. For creative women entrepreneurs to elevate their business through a series of sacred tools that will unlock a business next level sparkly. Taking all of the sacred tools and intuitive strategies to create more ease and flow in your business. #nomorehustlengrind This will be launching Fall/Winter 2018. A intimate group mentorship for 5 months.

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: My work is my life and my life is my work. I've been implementing many business systems to allow my life and work to always be in harmony. I've found since setting this up my work and life is always in divine flow. Either I am 'ebbing' or 'flowing'. I practice deepening my trust and allowing myself more space to dive deeper into my practice. This ultimately amplifies my work. So work and life, is always balanced! I enjoy when I fill my schedule a little bit more and I enjoy when I allow enormous space to simply, BE. 

I used to avoid systems because I didn't want to take the personal connection out of my business. Although, systems have been the star dust that allows me to stay in balance.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: I allow myself to wake up when my body naturally wants too. (#dreamcometrue). Followed by waking my partner and I snuggle for a few moments before we fully get out of bed to begin our morning meditation. After our meditation we go for a walk (when its not -40 ;) ) and ground with Mother Earth and fresh air. Many mornings I will make a smoothie bowl or a nutrient packed brekkie to start the day, alongside a matcha latte. Then, things can get a little wild ;). Depending on what I am working on I will change things up. From taking a bath, practicing kundalini, reading, journalling, writing, and/or another ritual I may be working with through chanting, the elements, season, moon cycle, and or Ayurvedic practices. 

I used to have a pretty structured morning ritual and have found a deep desire to become more flexible and move through what my intuition is asking for the most. 

There are a few non-neigotable rituals I do everyday:
- Meditation
- Outside grounding practice
- Movement : kundalini and/or yoga (sometimes dance parties, hehe)
- Whole foods
- Brain food: learning, learning, learning

Favorite food +/or drinks?: I am a huge foodie, the whole food kind. I love nourishing my body with food that comes from Mother Earth. Eating clean keeps my spirit high and creative juices flowing. Green Juice and anything Cacao based would be the top 2 food items you will see me eating copious amounts of ! I'm known for my wildly delicious raw vegan cheesecakes! But all in all, cacao and anything green!

Where can our readers find you?: You can find me on all the things ;), well almost! 

I spend a lot of my time on Instagram stories at @brittanycreid and in my Private Facebook Group: Sacred Millionaire. Along with my website

Any other thoughts?: Do what makes your cells excited. Embrace the unknown and take the leap. Never stop trying or exploring the vastness of what life truly has to offer. When we connect to ourselves we know exactly the way. It may not appear like we are used too but the wisdom is there! Never stop chasing your dreams, truly! Your dream or desire is one actions step away beautiful.