Societygal feature with Amber-Lee Lyons (The Chakra Girl)

Today we are featuring the beautiful Amber-Lee Lyons. She is your go-to Chakra Girl and Spiritual BFF who keeps things zen while supporting you in living your #bestlife. She's the founder and CEO of The Chakra Girl Co a platform for the modern, spiritual woman who sometimes puts vodka in her green juice. #BALANCE. Amber-Lee dishes everything from manifesting a new handbag to using healing crystal vibes to bringing abundance into your life.

She is also the host of Chakra Girl Radio is an uncut look into the lives of today's influencers to create real conversation about spirituality, modern-girl problems and the balance between Gurus and Gucci. She's getting real about the chaos, mistakes, and meltdowns that come along with success. While also keeping it light with celebrity gossip, and beauty + fashion tips #Balance.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: I am your spiritual BFF!

What do you like most about Societygal?: I LOVE that Society Gal is based on women supporting women and they do it in such a fun and chic way! The community is amazing and Jen is a total b

Who do you look up to and why?: This might be cliché but I am obsessed with Kim Kardashian. She basically invented being an influencer which opened up so many channels for women to step up and inspire one another in their own unique way. First it was actresses and singers, then it was super models, and now literally anyone can be of massive influence when it's done in an authentic and raw way!

She listens to what her people want and gives it to them with zero f*cks given to haters (they just jealous).

What advice do you have for our readers?: The best advice I can give is to learn about your chakra energy. We all have potential to create anything we want and live life on our terms, the answers are literally all inside, you just have to clear the cobwebs and listen to the inner GPS!

What new things are you up to?: My podcast is my fav thing ever. I love connecting, hearing amazing stories, laughing and sharing with inspiring women and being able to put it all out there to inspire my audience. I'm also mentoring spiritual entrepreneurs in a mastermind setting, and taking them all to Hawaii! Super pumped for this!

What books are you reading?: I am just finishing "A Tribe Called Bliss" by Lori Harder. I'm a total book snob and hard to please, but this book is everything I could want!! It's relatable, deep, funny and also gives really good tips to find a deeper connection with ourselves and with other women to up-lift one another which is what I am all about!

When did you launch your business?: I launched my business about 2.5 years ago. It's WILD to think of how much has changed in such a short time! That's my chakra magic!

What are your offerings in your business?: I have so many things! I believe in taking women on a journey! We start with a $37 Meditation bundle and the option to upgrade that to my "Chakras 101" program to get a full in-depth feel into your chakras! 

If business is your path I have a beginner program called Chakra Girl Business School which teaches you how to use your chakra energy to build an online business. You then graduate in my Mastermind Program which is a container of support, with myself and other women who are ready to make big things happen in their biz. THEN you graduate into Chakra Girl Icon, which is for that next level woman who's at or near the 6 figure level in her biz and ready to spread her message on a deeper scale and basically be famous!

If business isn't your thing, Chakras 101 and/or a custom Chakra Activation could be for you! I administer an energy session that support you in reaching a high intention! Magic happens after these session!

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: This is something I struggle with and am constantly working on and fine tuning! I meditate, journal and do some energy work on myself every single day to make sure I'm on the right vibration. I go on 1-3 walks with my dog which is really great for clearing my head. I do my very best to turn off my computer by 5:30 so I can connect with my husband and we usually have a couple date nights each week. I go to the gym/do yoga, and chat with my besties and family pretty much every day too! Maybe I am doing better than I think haha.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: It's a little different each day based on what I intuitively feel I need. First I snuggle with my husband and my dog (who are both the best!). I like to shower before I start my practice, I feel like it's a clean slate! 

I am big into Kundalini meditations right now, so at least 11 minutes of that, some kind of energy work whether it's reiki, crystals or smudging. I journal after that because I get really good ideas and insights when I am in the zone! 

Usually I take my dog out and then head to thy gym or yoga. Sometimes I clean or tidy up so I feel organized. 

I'm not huge into breakfast but I usually have a cacao smoothie around 10am. 

I would like to say I don't check my phone until this stuff is done but that would be a lie lol. I will say though, my phone doesn't stress me out because I love what I do and it helps me get excited and inspired for the day (Most of the time lol)!

Favorite food +/or drinks?: PASTA. I would eat it every meal if I could. I am, like, weirdly obssessed with it and swear I was an Italian man in a past life because I also love homemade red wine and Campari soda.

Where can our readers find you?: Listen to Chakra Girl Radio on iTunes or basically anywhere they play podcasts! I am also always on Insta and love DMs!



Any other thoughts?: I just want you to know that you're infinitely powerful and can do whatever you want and have whatever you want you just have to tap into that chakra energy!!