Societygal Feature with Steph Adams, Author and former-model


With two decades in the fashion industry (but whose counting!), former international model Steph Adams worked as an Art Director for Global Retail Giant Net-a-Porter and in the publishing industry over British Vogue, Harpers Bazaar UK, Elle UK, Marie Claire, Instyle, Gourmet Traveller and Conde Nast Traveler for over a decade before she started blogging in 2009, when blogs and social media were in their infancy. 

Steph is an Author with three published books. Good to Glow published by Teneues in 2016, The Game Changers Edition One was published in Dec 2016 and The Game Changers Edition Two (Published by Penguin Random House). Steph’s main aim has been empowering women. She has collaborated with many charities that help others. 

She launched LAQUA Magazine in June 2016, which is a luxury digital magazine that features interviews and beauty, fashion & lifestyle trends.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: I am a mother of two sons: Joshua and Bailey. Im also an Author of 3 books but I'm in the process of the 4th. I have a design studio where I develop logos, skin care and branding for different clients as well as an Editor of LAQUA Magazine.

What do you like most about Societygal?: I love that it brings together female entrepreneurs, helping to educate and make their dreams turn into a reality.

Who do you look up to and why?: I look up to women who are hard working in their own careers that are still able to make time for their family and friends.

What advice do you have for our readers?: Always be kind, because you never know what someone else may be going through.

What new things are you up to?: Im in the process of my 4th book and putting together Issue 5 of LAQUA Magazine.

What books are you reading?: I have a few of the JFK books that I love reading.

When did you launch your business?: I launched my design studio in 2008 while I was also working full time in the publishing Industry as an Art Director. Then I started blogging in 2009.

What are your offerings in your business?: I offer commercial design and branding as well as working creatively with brands across instagram whilst also building other peoples brands through the books we are producing all whilst helping charities. It all seems to work hand in hand actually.

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: The only boundaries I set is that I never organise a meeting on a Monday or a Friday. Im mostly working around the clock. Its really hard to switch off when you work for yourself. I love what I do, but sometimes I am working at 3am after I have just fed the baby!! I just try and prioritise what needs attention right away to what is not as important. Its really important to make time with your husband, children as well as for yourself.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: I try and look after myself just so I can keep up with the kids and work etc. I eat healthy and exercise - sometimes I'm on a schedule but if Im really busy, it changes a little. My morning routine is a walk with my husband and children or a gym session followed by a protein smoothie. I love the Super Elixir protein powder in my green smoothies! It gives me energy for most of the day.

Favorite food +/or drinks?: Green Smoothie: Spinach, Banana, Kiwi Fruit, cucumber, yoghurt , Almond milk and The Super Elixir Protein Powder.

Where can our readers find you?: On Instagram at @stephadams2012

Any other thoughts?: Follow your dreams, do what you love and the rest will come!