Societygal Feature with Rebekah Steen, Founder of Goldfish Kiss


Happy Friday! We are thrilled to feature one of the coolest chicks we know on the blog today! Rebekah Steen is the beach babe behind Goldfish Kiss, a globally popular blog (and one of our favorites!). Not only is she a blogger, she's a rockstar mom, an artist, designer, photographer, and writer! We admire her down to earth vibes and insane eye for aesthetics. Read more about our interview with her and don't forget to check out her blog! 

Tell us about yourself and what you do?: My name is Rebekah Christine Steen. Yes, my name sounds like a stutter when said out loud. I love my husband just THAT much. I'm so bad at describing myself, but I'm a self proclaimed beach bum, fresh air and salt water addict, fitness loving mama who is married to the love of my life. I also have created and maintained a blog over the past 8 or so years, that I'm super proud of, and because of that, I can also say I am an artist, writer, and photographer too. I feel like I forgot a few other things. I wear lots of hats these days.

What do you like most about Societygal?: It's a GREAT on top of things platform run by rad gals, with a great vision, aesthetic, and goal. Plus I love how it's all about connecting instead of competing. Love that aspect.

Who do you look up to and why?: The Rock. Seriously. That dude has a fairy tale, rags to riches, works his butt off, loves people and is so grateful kind of story. It's inspiring. Plus, fitness wise he's amazing. 

...and my husband, and parents, and the can driver named Jolly who drove me to the airport the other week at 1:45 in the morning. People all over inspire me in so many ways.

What advice do you have for our readers?: Have fun, don't take yourself too seriously, take lots of deep breath, don't try to be perfect, wear sunscreen, drink lots of water, and always embrace your individuality and voice. Gosh there's so much advice I could give....

What new things are you up to?: Working on my first book, and that whole (fun) process, always thinking of new paintings (and things to do with them), my husband and I are actually starting to look for a house (yikes!) and well, every day is new with a toddler in some sort.

What books are you reading?: 1: Re reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, 2: In Wolves Clothing by Greg Levin, and 3: Just finished Own The Moment by Carl Lentz. Three totally non related reads whatsoever.

When did you launch your business?: I started my blog in 2010, and have been posting/creating consistently ever since. It's forced me to put my work out there - (art, design, writing, photography) which has opened up some amazing doors that I couldn't ever have predicted.

What are your offerings in your business?: Art, illustration, textile design, graphic design, writing, photography, I'm kind of a one person creative shop.

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?: I basically do my work when my son is sleeping during the day, then late at night when everyone in the house is asleep. I rarely answer emails on the weekends, and I just kind of roll with it. I'll sneak in a few pics when I'm at the beach with my son, and he likes to tag along to help me work, or watch me paint. Honestly, whenever I think I have a schedule nailed down and things figured out, things change, then I have to figure it all out again, then it changes...again.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?: My mornings start whenever my son, Levi wakes up. Then it's followed by reading some books and playing with legos, playing fetch outside with my dog and T-Ball with my son...while I try to drink my coffee. Watching a few minutes of the Today show, making breakfast...then the day starts. Each day is kind of different but the same and I really, really love my mornings.

Favorite food +/or drinks?: Burritos, Chips and Guac, Margaritas, coffee, pizza, smoothies, more coffee, pasta, thai food. I LOVE FOOD. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Where can our readers find you?: If I'm not at the beach, in the water, or cruising with my son, Levi, you can find me at my blog, or on instagram/pinterest/twitter @goldfish_kiss

Any other thoughts?: Smile. Don't compare. Find ways to laugh. Have fun. Look for the beauty in your everyday.

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