Instagram Algorithm Updates

Instagram just released their newest algorithm changes last month and we understand staying on top of the constant Instagram algorithm changes is exhausting. It seems like Instagram is trying to make it fairly difficult for you to constantly be growing and increasing your engagement. We have round up all of the newest updates for you so you can try and beat the algorithm changes and succeed on Instagram.

  • If your audience is liking, commenting, saving your content, or watching your stories - your posts are more likely to be shown to them

  • Think of unique ways to engage your audience - polls, contests, advice, tips, asking questions, etc.

  • Instagram uses the amount of time spent viewing posts as a factor in determining its popularity - if you have an engaging caption, people are more likely to spend a longer time on the post

  • Instagram prioritizes posts based on engagement within your followers. Be sure to respond to your comments, especially within the first hour of posting - otherwise your posts' visibility will decrease

  • Shoutout people in your stories - when people message you back it shows you're authentically engaging

  • In order to count as real engagement, comment more than four words

  • Instagram favors the use of specific & relevant hashtags - use unique ones mixed in with popular ones

  • You will have better luck with ten specific hashtags than thirty generic ones

  • Hashtags that are posted as a comment, will no longer display under search results - they need to be included in the caption

  • Mess around and play with ALL of Instagram's features. The algorithm favors frequent activity and engagement within the app