Societygal Feature with Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn Johnson, as you may know, is an all around boss-ass b*tch. You may know of her for being the author of her newest book “Workparty” or perhaps a podcast host, or… CEO of the major online platform and networking conferences - Create & Cultivate.

Jaclyn has been in marketing for over ten years and she launched her first business at the impressing age of 23. Her first business “No Subject” was a creative marketing, influencer and events agency.

A few years later in 2017 she started Create & Cultivate. Her mission behind this new sought out business was to create an all-day, everyday conversation around entrepreneurship and being a woman in the modern digital age - can we get a #hellyes!

Create & Cultivate has been one of the fastest growing conferences for millennial women which have hosted talents such as Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Hudson and more!

Jaclyn, not only succeeds at starting her own businesses but she helps other women entrepreneurs start their dream businesses as well. Jaclyn is an Angel Investor and has invested in female-owned companies like Away Luggage.

Due to her knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and being a woman in this digital age, she decided to speak all her truths in a book “Work Party.” She shows how she turned distrust into determination, frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work—and how you can, too.

Jaclyn makes entrepreneurship look so easy, and not to mention, glamorous. She has been named to Forbes 30 Under 30, a “Self-Made Woman” by LA Times, and A Woman of Note by The Wall Street Journal. #goals