Tips to Choose the Right Influencer for your Brand

Influencer marketing focuses on using influential leaders to push your brand’s products or services (or overall message) to a larger market, specifically on social media. Rather than pushing your brand directly to a large group of consumers, you instead work with influencers to get the word out for you. Influencer marketing is extremely beneficial for businesses of any size, due to the rise and popularity of social media.

If you’re interested in influencer marketing, but don’t know how to choose the right influencer for your brand, follow the tips below!

Your Overall Goals: First, you need to think about your overall objectives and goals for your business? Are you launching a new product or service and need help to get the word out? Are you launching a specific campaign and need to hit a certain revenue metric? Depending on what your overall goals are, will depend on who you decide to work with. It may be more beneficial for you to work with a micro-influencer opposed to an influencer with an extremely large following.

Industry/Niche: What industry and/or niche is your business in? If your business is in the beauty space, you wouldn’t want an interior design influencer promoting your products and vise versa. It’s important to choose to work with an influencer within your space because that means their audience will have more of an interest in your products/services. If an influencer has built a following in relation to interior design, they may not have much of an interest beauty products and therefore your campaign may not be as successful.

Influencer Engagement: An important factor to consider when choosing an influencer is their overall engagement rates, and how well they engage with their audience. If an influencer doesn’t respond to comments, start conversations and tailor their content to what their audience wants, it may not be someone you want to work with for your campaign. It’s important for the influencer to be authentically engaging with their audience, especially when it comes to answering questions about your specific products.

Influencer Reach: Another important factor is the influencer’s social media reach. How far does their content reach, beyond their own following? This is a statistic any influencer should have included in their media kit. If an influencer has a far reach, that means their content is getting pushed out and seen by a much larger group of people than who are following them.

Current Collaborations of Influencer: How many current collaborations does the influencer have? If every single post is a different collaboration or sponsorship from a brand, your post may be overlooked or not perform as well because it doesn’t look as authentic. An influencer, ideally, should only be promoting products they would actually use, especially because they are so influential with their audience, they should be recommending products they love.

Past Work/Portfolio: Lastly, before working with an influencer, ask to see their past collaborations and portfolio. This is usually something any influencer will include in their media kit. An important factor when looking at past work is how well those campaigns and collaborations performed. What was the engagement rate, and even better if they have information on how many sales they contributed too.

Choosing an influencer for your campaigns and overall brand is an extremely beneficial and often successful way to market your products or services. If you have any questions on this process, please feel free to reach out to us directly!