Babes Who Are In Sync

Avoid stress and burn out by syncing with your cycle

Yes babes! We are talking about that time of the month. You’ve landed here for a reason. You’ve heard the call. 

There are so many things in our life that cause us stress or contribute to burning out when we don’t fully understand the power of our cycle and living within hormonal harmony.

There are lots of ways, rituals, and mindset hacks that help yet we all are still dancing around the topic of our monthly bleed. The root of our being. Its about time we stop avoiding the monthly symptoms, taking artificial hormones, and feel shameful or gross about our bleed. 

We have grown up with the belief its ‘’dirty’’, ‘’painful’’, ‘’and “hella nasty’’. Majority of woman feel they have been cursed with their monthly bleed. Conventional medicine and media has done a fabulous job at making this time of the month to be anything but liberating and FREE. Yet, years ago when a woman was on her bleed she was seen to be highly powerful and creative. Women would gather in red tents to discover the medicine from the inner niggles and celebrate the space of creation. Our bleed was once celebrated and I am here to tell you babe that you can feel this again! 

We talk so much about balance yet we are still pushing through work days when we are on our bleed. We speak on honoring our bodies cues yet we still pop Advil when the cramps hit. We encourage each other to eat well yet when our bleed comes, yet we face dive into a double chocolate layered cake (or maybe a bit too much vino). We still aren’t listening. We still aren’t as connected as we could be. Our bleed is like a monthly report. A monthly check in with ourselves.

Our bleed is the inner compass. The intuitive strategy of your health and wealth!

Top 3 Syncing Tools:

  1. Track your cycle: On the first day of your bleed make a note in your calendar. I recommend writing down the emotion or feeling your experiencing that way you can begin to discover when is the best time for YOU to book speaking, hang outs, and marketing. And, when is the best time to lay low, indulge in self care, make a cozy space to read and sip a hot cup of cacao. 

  2. Seed Cycling: Seeds contain different nutrients and fats. Overall this takes the nutrients of specific seeds paired with the two phases we move through each cycle to balance our hormones and increase the nutrients. A healthy womb is a vibrant woman! I have created a short little PDF for women to add to your scared kitchen space to start seed cycling if you feel called send me an email to!

  3. Prioritize and become unavailable to tasks when your on your bleed. Even if that is 2 days before your bleed or 5 days each month. This is YOU time. When we are quiet and become more still we give space to the inner niggles to be acknowledged and recognized. Ultimately giving our bodies and spirit time to recalibrate. The magic of what is next for you lies here.

The burn out and stress begins when we are going against the natural rhythm. When we are trying to fit ourselves into another box. When we don’t give ourselves permission to relax and simply BE. When we avoid this space completely.

Your bleed, is the exact medicine and strategy.

Your bleed, is the exact knowledge to understand what is feeling off or stagnant in your life/biz. 

Your bleed, is the exact area of your health to focus on to increase your intuition, clarity, and stress free vibes.

A woman who becomes besties with her bleed is a woman who is unstoppable and within hormone harmony. She is intimately connected to her inner compass and will create lit AF business ideas that are magnetic! 

I invite you to become besties with your bleed. One woman at a time we re-write the beliefs around this space being a curse. 

*Blog post contributed by Brittany Reid: