How to Edit Your Photos Like an Influencer

One of the best ways to help your Instagram stand out is by not only having creative photos, but more importantly, keeping a cohesive feed. When creating your own “brand,” it’s super important to create your own aesthetic and stick with it. One of the main ways this can be done is through editing! A good edit can seriously change a photo, and its entire aesthetic. By taking the time to create your own personal edit, your photos will be more likely to stand out and reach a wider audience. Not to mention, this is one of the few ways influencers, or brands can really show their personality and differentiate themselves. Luckily, there are so many different apps you can use on a mobile phone to help you achieve creating your own aesthetic. Here are a few of our favorite editing apps, tips and tricks:

  • Start by choosing a filter or preset that matches your brand and aesthetic. One of our favorite editing apps that is fairly easy to use, is VSCO. Not only does it have tons of different options for filters, but it allows you to save a few different filters or presets that you have tweaked so it’s easier to reuse them on future photos. This makes the editing process way easier and so much less time consuming. Some good filters to check out on VSCO are A6, A9, E6, M5, and Q5. If you’re looking to create your own filter from scratch, we highly recommend Lightroom. Lightroom is an app where you can basically create your own filter and save it as a preset, which once again, makes things WAY easier. It’s a little more complicated but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that make it much easier!

  • If you do end up personalizing your own filter, here are some tips on what to tweak and how to make your photo pop. One of the best tips is to keep your photos looking natural. One way to achieve this is to manipulate the saturation, but make sure you don’t over saturate the photo. Another tip is increasing the contrast which will help your photo pop. Lastly, whitening the “white” areas in a photo can really help it stand out and make it appear much cleaner (white wall, shoes, shirt, etc.). You can do this with Face Tune and use the whitening tool to whiten the background or anything that needs to be brightened up!

  • Another way to personalize your photo is by adding texture. This is a fun way to add to your photo. There are tons of different apps where you can add grain, streaks, or just give your photo a vintage vibe. Here are some of our faves: Afterlight, Mextures, Unfold, and Huji Cam.

  • Lastly, how often do you take photos and go home and realize you got photo bombed or notice something super off in the background? The app Retouch is AMAZING for this. It can get rid of any unwanted objects without making it look super noticeable and photo shopped.