Societygal feature with Kylee Campbell (Owner of Catch Me Dancing)

Catch Me Dancing is a blog founded and curated by Kylee Campbell a West Coast native currently living in LA pursuing her dreams and love of acting & fashion. Catch Me Dancing is a creative outlet to express thoughts, inspirations, style, collaborations and the varying creative endeavors of Kylee Campbell. Kylee has worked in a multitude of creative fields, Studying Architecture and Interior Design at University and then moving into the world of fashion and film. Having lived in multiple countries and travelled all over the world, Kylee is a global nomad at heart and is always looking for her next adventure. Catch me Dancing chronicles Kylee’s daily style, travel adventures, health and wellness interests, and life, hoping to inspire readers one beautiful adventure at a time.

Where are you from? Always a confusing question for me but I was born in California, grew up in England and finished high school in Portland Oregon which is where my parents are now. NYC and LA is where I consider home now. 

What is your go-to coffee order? Pretty straight forward - regular coffee or cold brew with almond milk, coconut milk or oat milk. Lattes are too filling for me and I hate sugary coffee. 

Do you prefer staying in or going out? I'm 50/50 and go through intense periods of being a homebody and then wanting to be super social. 

What is your favorite fashion piece? Truly an impossible question to answer - depends on what mood I'm in that day. 

What is your life motto?
Live everyday like it may be your last - you never know. I'm not the best at living by this because I have days that I do nothing at all and am the laziest but it's a motto I aspire to live by.

What do you love about Societygal? I love their motto - "OUR MOTTO HAS ALWAYS BEEN COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION AND WE TRULY BELIEVE THAT WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER."  Women need to learn we are stronger together, collaboration is key, stand up for each other and realize that you only become a more beautiful person by helping others.

Connect with Kylee:
Instagram: @kyleecampbell