The Importance of Building a Community and Why You Need One

Being an influencer has so many amazing perks but let’s face it, it can also feel really lonely and overwhelming at times. A great way to succeed and stand out in this industry is to build a community and a reliable one, at that.

Building a community is a strategy that supports your overall brand. It’s important to keep in mind a brand community exists to serve the people in it, not just to serve you.

Why you should form a brand-exclusive community:

Communities that live on social networks welcome anyone to engage with their brand. 

When you create and own an exclusive community, every member is an involved, top contributor. With exclusivity you can ensure that every member in your closed community is both influential and relevant to your brand and can truly be an advocate for your brand.

Members of your exclusive community will be more motivated to engage:

You may notice your Facebook page may have 1,000 likes or followers but really only a handful of people are interacting or engaging with your content. With an exclusive community such as a Facebook group, influencers need to apply for admittance or receive an invitation into your brand community. This means they have to earn the privilege of being a members, which in-turn they will most likely be more motivated to be actively involved and engage with your content.

Influencers find value in contributing their ideas and opinions and are more likely to increase their engagement when they know your brand has chosen to listen to their opinions in a private environment.

Exclusive communities help influencers build relationships with each other:

When people need to be accepted into your community, members will likely connect with each other because the space is more intimate. Brand communities bring people together whom otherwise, may never have interacted despite having similar passions. In your community, members can discuss certain topics and enjoy the benefits of being exclusive members together. As a brand, this can amplify your overall impact.

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