Societygal Feature with Kristy Smith

Kristy Smith from is a life coach, blogger & professional optimist. Her mission is to infuse more love & joy into this world by teaching the importance of truly loving yourself. She helps women create an unshakable confidence in themselves, develop a clear vision for getting what they want and guide them to find a deep love within.

She's passionate about helping women become the person that they have always dreamed about. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT then moved away at the age of 16 where she put herself in boarding school. Most of her life she compared herself to others causing her to drown in self-doubt & search for self confidence. It wasn't until she attended a Tony Robbins seminar that completely changed her life. It was after that seminar her calling became clear. She started on a journey to return back to loving herself.

Through that journey she decided to become a life coach. Kristy is known for her energetic spirit and helping people realize they can make their dreams a reality.

We recently sat down with kristy and can we just say we adore this girl. Here is what the interview went like. 

SG : So, tell us about yourself?  

K : I'm a pretty unconventional life coach- at least I like to think so! I want to see you totally kick ass in all areas of your life and I believe that it starts with loving yourself first. When you have a strong foundation of self-love then you can create space to love others. I love connecting and elevating women to believe in themselves and their dreams. You can basically think of me as your personal hype woman!

"No matter what you do, always choose love."

SG : Tell us why you love societygal?  

K : What immediately drew me into societygal was COMMUNITY & CONNECTION! Two things I strongly value. As women, it's vital to build each other up & empower one another to go out there and kill it in whatever we want to do! SocietyGal finds girl bosses who aren't afraid step into their power & share their gifts with the world. How awesome is THAT!?

SG : Who do you look up to and why?

K : Oh man, this is a hard question because there are so many incredible people who have inspired me get to the point of where I am today. Their are big names like Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Gabby Bernstein and Oprah to name a few that have really inspired me to be my best self and get into the self-help space! But, I have to say my best friends Carol & Kenzie (@KC_doubletake ), have always been the strongest influence in my life & my biggest support no matter what crazy idea i've got up my sleeve. I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

SG : What advice would you give us? 

K : My best piece of advice would be: #1 Love yourself FIRST & foremost. I can't stress this enough, especially when social media is such a big part of our culture these days. It can be way to easy to compare yourself to other women making you feel as though you aren't good enough. Which isn't true- you are a total girl boss and more than enough. That's why it's so important to lay your foundation of self love first so can build other women up while knowing you've got a lot to give as well.

#2. Gratitude, all day everyday. The reason gratitude is so important is because it changes your mentality from a lack mentality of "I don't have enough" to an abundant mentality of "I have more than I need" it makes your reality a blessing and you body a miracle! When you become thankful for what you have right now, you will always have enough. 

#3 TUNE IN. You have all the answers inside of you. Your job is to tune into your inner wisdom and shut out the critic. When you can find stillness within youc you can listen to that voice inside that tells you to go after that dream, take the vacation, dump the loser who hurts you, get rid of the 9-5 that sucks the energy out of you and create more of what you love to do!

SG : So, what new things are you up to?

K : I just launched my new website which was so fun to work on with the awesome ladies at GoLive HQ! But for now I'm working on growing my blog & coaching practice! I've got a few exciting things up my sleeve that I can't share quite yet, but one thing I can share is podcasting is totally in the mix! Stay tuned y'all!

SG : Any books you are loving?

K : I loovee reading now but I didn't read growing up because I struggled with dyslexia & ADD. So if any of you babes are like me- i've got some awesome books for you! 

Currently I'm reading Option B by Sheryl Sandburg!

But if anyone is just getting into the self-help / personal development world I started off with You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero and The Principals of Success by Jack canfield.

SG : When did you launch your business? 

K : I first launched my business in October, 2016 and had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I just knew I had to start. Then I re-launched my business on July 10 th 2017 after having a much clearer vision and direction. The re-launch is more authentic to my vibe and brand!

SG : How do you manage a work / life balance? 

K : Right now, I actually feel like I have a good work/life balance. I either work from home or any local coffee shop most of the day! But one thing I do everyday separate from work is carve out space to make my boyfriend breakfast when he gets home from practice. It might sound silly, but he's an athlete so the way to his heart is through his stomach. I stop what I'm doing and make time for my relationship and show my love through food then just get right back to it! It's simple things like a phone call with my BFF's or making breakfast when I make sure to get that human connection because working alone can be isolating at times. The only real boundaries I set is ABSOLUTELY NO PHONES AT DINNER!

SG : Do you have a morning routine? 

K : My morning routine is incredibly important to prime my day but it starts the night before. The night before I plan my day from the time I wake up to around 5PM when my brain stops working. I like to wake up early around 6:10AM, get my coffee, meditate & pray. Then I'll go to our gym downstairs and work out, make a healthy breakfast, shower and then baaam! I'm ready to conquer the day all before 8 am! I also don't like busy work. So I pick the MOST important thing I need to get done and do that first!

SG : Favorite food or drinks?: 

K : My favorite food is Salmon Nigiri for SURE! Sushi is always my favorite go to for dinner. Truthfully, i've never been a big alcohol drinker but I'm a total kombucha addict & coffee connisseur! My go to coffee is an Almond Milk laté with one pump of vanilla and for Kombucha I like to try new flavors all the time.

You can find more about Kristy and her coaching practice at or on IG @kritter12 !