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1. |  Alright you’re on a deserted island, you know the deal. What three things can you not live without?

Am I the worst person ever if I say my iphone and a wifi hotspot?!? Okay, without those things I would say, moisturizer, sunscreen and a giant bottle of water. I'm not joking, everyone that knows me well knows if I don't have a giant water bottle with me at all times I panic.


2. | Tell us about your favorite shoot you’ve done thus far, where was the location?

That's a tough one! I think my favorite shoot was our first shoot with Lauren Bushnell. It was the first Bachelor shoot we did, before her finale with Ben and the first big shoot I did with my favorite dream team. (Valorie Darling as the photographer and Suzie Moldavon as the make up artist.) The location was all around LA. We started at the showroom, headed to the wetlands on culver and then to the beach. It was so fun and the first big shoot for us, so it was super exciting. The feeling between all of us that day was incredible. The excitement was palpable.


3. | Speaking of traveling, you’re always on the go.  How do you find the time to juggle everything?  Do you rely on any great apps?

Ummm I am not the most organized person. I should be but I'm not. That being said my phone is so important to so much of what I do. The Apps I use most: Waze, Instagram, Slack, Front for emails, Google drive and sheets, soul cycle app (bc i'm addicted) and fitbit app bc I love data and love knowing what my days look like from a health and sleep perspective. Clearly I am on my phone ALOT.

As far as juggling, one of my favorites, Jessica Herrin (of Stella & Dot) once said, it's okay to juggle, we will always be juggling, just make sure the balls that fall aren't the glass balls. I think it's important to have non negotiables, like making sure the most important people in your life feel loved, that you won't waiver on. Once you know what those are, you can say no to things that might get in the way. Also, exercise. It's what keeps me sane.


4. | So, we know you deal with dresses all day long BUT if you were a shoe - what shoe would you be + why?

Nikes for sure (plus have you all read Shoe Dog?! It's amazing.) Black Nike's with the white swoosh because I am ready to basically run a marathon at any moment. I can match almost any outfit (I can/have to face every type of situation constantly) and I'm still going strong after a 12 hour day.


5. | In a perfect world, what’s your long term goal with The Stylist LA/SF?  Has there been any particular piece of advice that you’ve received along the way that helps you stay focused on that?

My dream is to create an ultimate closet full of dresses, seperates, rompers, etc that girls can pull from all the time. I want clients to be able to come in weekly and pull for every event in their lives whether it's brunch, a wedding, a night out or a vacation. I am obsessed with the idea of a subscription service at the moment (we currently have a Beta version here). I want girls to be able to pay a flat fee for unlimited items (3 at a time) for all of their events. I would love to have showrooms all over the country and have these showrooms reinforce a sense of community with fun events and personal styling. The retail landscape is changing and I want The Stylist LA to be the destination for millennial shoppers who don't want to wear the same outfit twice!

6. | OK, now we’re turning the tables. What’s your biggest piece of advice for new female entrepreneurs out there?

Create genuine, lasting relationships with those around you. Don't burn bridges. I have seen so many women cut others down, do anything to get to the "top", take credit for other's work etc. I always say that relationships are what you really have to fall back on. If you don't treat people well it always comes back to you. Make friends with other women and help each other out. The world needs a lot more of that!

Also, my favorite new phrase "Cover Bands don't have fans!"

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