“The Skinny” on The Skinny Confidential

We all know her, and we all love her – but, we want still want more!  So, we took a time out with Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential to ask a few questions about her life + career.

First + foremost, if you need a refresh, here’s “the skinny”:

The Skinny Confidential is all about creating a healthy lifestyle through balance. Think kale in one hand, champagne in the other. I created The Skinny Confidential while studying at San Diego State University. I was inspired to create a platform for women to connect through their tips & tricks. Since then, the blog has grown into a full-on lifestyle brand, book, fitness guide, podcast, & social network, with a product line coming soon. The blog is my home base, where I share recipes, workouts, fashion, home décor, travel itineraries, personal stories & more. You can also find me actively engaging on social media, Snapchat is my current favorite!

Now here comes the Q+A:

What does your morning routine look like?

Lots of oils, Bossanova, & a podcast to get my brain going. Also I meditate EVERY morning. It just sets the intention for my day. I usually make a TSC DETOX DRINK, two scrambled eggs, & eat half an avocado. Then I try to get a workout in, shower, & start working. Really HATE to start the morning off with my phone.

What is the number one tip you would give someone who is wanting to start their own business online?

To be PATIENT. It takes time. I launched TSC five years ago. The first two years, I didn’t make a single dollar. Chip away every single day, for years, & think big picture.

If you were stranded on an island with Susan (aka Michael) and you could each only bring one item, what would it be?

My computer. HA! Just kidding. Probably my favorite eyebrow brushes, so that at least we could have BROWS ON FLEEK. I do love my ice roller too. It helps with swelling in the AM.

What two things bring you the most joy in your life?

That’s easy, Boone & Pixy. My two chihuahuas. We spoon every night.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Probably to actually be efficient at multitasking. I’ve learned that multitasking IS NOT efficient, it’s a habit for me though. I wish I could ACTUALLY be getting more done when doing two things at once.

If we’re on the subject I’d love to have a little house cleaning fairy that organized my house the way I wanted it everyday ; ).

What are your top five tips for mindset? How do you stay focused?

I have to have an organized space. An organized desk creates an effective work space. Keep your work area clean. I also need to set the mood. I usually turn on some Bossanova, light some candles, & work work work! Time blocking has been insane too. I use this little cube that helps me stay on track.

A positive mindset is helpful too, negativity takes up space & accomplishes nothing.

What are your top three tips for staying authentic and true to your brand?

To learn to SAY NO. If it doesn’t represent your brand, you have to turn it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a favor for a friend, if you could get paid a lot of money, or if others are doing it and finding success.

You just say no to anything that does not truly represent you and your brand. Saying no can be tough, so you just have to make it a habit.

How do you feel about the community over competition movement? Do you feel supporting others is important?

Community, collaborating, and working with people & brands that are brand aligned is SO important. It’s actually a huge part of TSC. You interview, work with, and collaborate with other influencers & brands to grow your own brand.

Good news is everyone is different. There’s space for everyone.

What is your favorite thing about #societygal?

The fact that female entrepreneurs can come together, unite, & support each other.

Any fun collars or projects coming up?

I’m working on a new meal plan for TSC BOMBSHELL BODY GUIDE. It will HELP FIGHT BLOAT!

Also, we’re launching a product line, coming soon in 2017!

Where can people find you?

These days you can almost always find me on The Skinny Confidential or hanging out on Instagram. My favorite place to connect though, is definitely Snapchat (add me! @LAURYNEVARTS). Recently we launched a Podcast which has been SO FUN.


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