Staying Focused As Your Own Boss

Over the last several years in the blogging business I have found one thing that helps me stay consistent in my brand and keeps me sane! Staying organized! From juggling all your social media platforms, to meeting sponsored post deadlines and creating new content, blogging can start to feel very mind-boggling!  Don’t worry I’m here to help with my 5 tips to staying organized below:


Tip 1 | Organization is all about planning. This is going to sound overwhelming but you will thank me later! Create a calendar or find a planner that allows you to plan out at least 4 months of blog posts.  This is going to save you so much time, even if you can only plan for one post a week, it is the first step in staying on point. Having some kind of editorial calendar, whether electronic or on paper is seriously essential! It will help dissolve any anxiety due to lack of content and you won’t find yourself throwing together a blog post last minute. This will help you focus on exactly what you need to do to execute a consistent brand that will keep your followers engaged with your content. Once you have a set schedule, it creates a snowball effect for the rest of your work. Now due to your amazing blogging calendar it is simple to plan outfits and photo shoots, configure your social media platforms and keep your content on track.


Tip 2 | Pick themes or categories for each month that you will build your content around. For instance themes for the month of September may include “Back To School”, “Fall Fashion”, or “Football”. Now take each theme and flush it out, this easily allows you to focus ideas under each category. For example under the “Back to School” theme, I may create a post about shopping, snacks,  or preparing for the first day of school. You may find that you create an endless list which will easily translate to your blog. Carry your planner and a notebook with you to help you jot down ideas in the moment.


Tip 3 | Now take those themes and that amazing planner and pick one day a week… yes just one day… in which you write all of your content for the next week. This is called back logging and although it may be hard to dedicate a solid three to four hours on any given day it will save you time and your sanity.  Sunday is always my  “blogging day”.  This way all I have to do is push “publish” for each post throughout the week, instead of scrambling to keep up when life gets busy (because it always does!).


Tip 4 | Find apps that make organizing your content easy. I like using UNUM, an app that allows you to schedule, edit and theme your Instagram. This helps me plan out weeks of photos, captions and hashtags to go with my scheduled posts. The app allows you to schedule times on your calendar and sends reminders once it is time to post. I love that I can visualize what my Instagram feed will look like, then I use the same photos on the rest of my social media platforms as well.

Tip 5 | Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags. We have all seen millions of hashtags all over social media. These little pound signs allow metadata tag that basically allows users to find your content when they search a certain term or category. As annoying as it may be to put hashtags on your posts, it vital to engagement. Instead of trying to think of a hashtag for each post, I sat down and thought about 60-100 hashtags that may pertain to my brand, for instance #momlife, #ootd, #thechicmamas, etc. I then broke them down into paragraphs of 20 (the max you can post in an Instagram comment) and saved them in my notes of my Iphone. Now when I post, I easily copy and paste my hashtags straight from my notes to my Instagram. Viola! No more pondering over the perfect hashtag!

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